The culture that has been developed since 1989 is one of safety awareness. We believe that if our employees are educated in all areas of Occupational Health and Safety Procedures you will minimise potential problems in the work environment. We focus on compliance issues that will enable cost savings to be passed on to our clients while focusing on how safely we can carry out the work.

Culture - Murphys Group Services At every level of the company, we attract and retain people with the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Our team are expert in their fields of Building, Heritage, Facilities Services, Commercial Roofing and Height Safety.

We take pride in employing some of the best-qualified tradespeople in the industry. We achieve this by fostering a culture where the philosophy of self-improvement and pride exists in every job and is instilled in our many apprentices that we develop for the future.

Managing Director Testimonial

Murphy’s Group Services has been proudly built since 1989 on a foundation of traditional values, such as Safety, Quality Workmanship, Client Satisfaction and Community Awareness.

The culture that has been developed over the years is one of safety awareness.  We focus on compliance issues that will enable cost savings to be passed on to our clients and focus on how safely we can do the job.

Our employees aren’t just our greatest asset they are the backbone of our organisation.

The Group understands the importance of a satisfied client; we aim to achieve this through adding value to their business by way of the projects we complete, and fostering of long term relationships.

The community and the environment are a recognised part of Murphys Group Services. We appreciate the importance of environmental issues relating to specific building materials; therefore we take all precaution on impacts to the community and the environment.

With our attention to safety and quality, the values entrusted to all of our employees makes Murphys Group Services stand above our competitors and bring reassurance to our many clients.

Mark Murphy
Managing Director

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