Asbestos Removal, Re-Roof, and Remedial Building Works as Printing Factory Operates

Scope of Work

The scope included the removal and reinstatement of an Asbestos roof, removal and reinstatement of and asbestos contaminated ceiling, plastering and painting works, detailing and electrical works.

The production facility, operating a printing business, needed to remain operational and minimise disruption. This required Murphy’s to plan the project accordingly. Murphy’s Group key management personnel overcame this issue by scheduling and managing the project on weekends and nights.

Project Summary

The project building was severely damaged by a hail storm. The existing roof, at the time, was made of asbestos. The hail smashed through the asbestos and parts of the internal plasterboard ceiling causing asbestos contamination inside the warehouse.
Murphy’s initial steps were to completely de-contaminate the floor area of the warehouse for business operations to recommence. Industrial hygeinists were engaged by Murphy’s Group to take samples and monitor the air to ensure the area had been decontaminated.

Before the asbestos roof replacement works commenced all internal surfaces of the building were covered up with industrial grade black plastic that was lapped and taped according to legislative requirements, so the place did not become decontaminated during the roofing works.

Murphy’s carried out air-monitoring upon decontamination at the end of each working shift, and it was found for the course of the project that the asbestos fibre contamination levels in the air did not breach the allowable amount.
Upon completion of the asbestos roof replacement Murphy’s proceeded to carry out the internal building works. The major scope of the project was to demolish & remove, reinstate & paint a 600m² plasterboard ceiling and running new electrical cables through the building.

Due to the asbestos and fragments of asbestos from the roof, the ceiling was also treated as asbestos and all appropriate legislative controls were set in place. A clearance certificate was issued upon decontamination of asbestos materials/fibres from the building.

As the removal of the plaster board works proceeded Murphy’s Group identified that there were no existing fire safety system cables in the ceiling space, hence the building did not comply with BCA standards. Murphy’s informed the client immediately for the new fire safety system to be installed. These works were programmed in time with the reinstatement of the ceiling & the construction programme/completion date was not affected by the additional works.

Upon reinstatement of the new plasterboard ceiling and walls, all painting works and remaining electrical works were completed. This was carried out in normal working hours whilst Western Labels operations were live. Murphy’s Group managed the associated risks with adequate resources & the creation of works exclusions zones.

Due to the urgency in completing the overall project Murphy’s assigned extra resources to the project then was first intended, and successfully completed the project over a period of 2 weeks.

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