Heritage Asbestos Removal

Completed Project Case Study: Asbestos Removal Package –Museum

Heritage Asbestos Removal


The project was divided into four major areas of work:-
• Bonded asbestos roof removal and replacement with a metal roof
• Bonded asbestos wall cladding sheets to be removed and replaced
• Removal of asbestos containing internal wall sheets
• Friable asbestos removal of pipe lagging

Bonded Asbestos Roof Sheet Removal
Safe and compliant removal and disposal of bonded asbestos roof sheets. Replacement of roof with metal Colorbond sheets complete with flashings and guttering.

Bonded Asbestos Wall Cladding Sheet Removal
Bonded asbestos wall sheeting removed safely and disposed of in compliance with the legislation. Sheets replaced with metal Colorbond sheeting.

Removal of Bonded Asbestos Internal Wall Sheets
Bonded internal wall sheets removed and disposed of safely in preparation for internal fit-out.

Removal of Friable Asbestos Pipe Lagging
Friable asbestos pipe lagging removed and area decontaminated. Full precautions in place throughout the removal and disposal process.

The client requested for the project scope to be expanded because of problems uncovered during the work. A pipe inside the museum used lagging made from a friable asbestos material which needed to be removed and made safe. When removing the asbestos roof, the timbers beneath the roof were found to be rotten and needed replacement. With our experience & competencies, Murphy’s were able to carry out these additional works effectively and to the client’s requirements.

The heritage status of the building was respected throughout the project with an emphasis on quality of workmanship. All new materials were supplied from reputable suppliers as desired by the client and all works completed in strict accordance with the BCA and relevant Australian Standards.

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