Removing Asbestos from Your Home and Workplace

Asbestos removal is a very hazardous operation. When removing asbestos from your home or workplace, all regulations and safety precautions must be strictly followed to minimise airborne asbestos particle inhalation hazards.

It is highly recommended that only fully training and insured asbestos removal specialists conduct this procedure in your residence or business. There is no “safe” asbestos exposure limit. Asbestos must always be considered extremely hazardous to your family and employees.

Why Should Asbestos be Removed from My Property?

This is a fair question.

Asbestos was used as a building and fire-proofing material for over hundred years. Eventually, many people who worked with asbestos became seriously ill and died from respiratory diseases. Many people who were exposed to asbestos, but did not work with the material also became seriously ill and died.

As a result, asbestos has been identified as a cause of many serious and some lethal lung diseases.

When airborne asbestos particles are inhaled over a long period of time, such as many years or decades, the likelihood of developing asbestos-related respiratory illnesses greatly increases.

The asbestos-related lung diseases are:

• Benign pleural lung disease
• Asbestosis
• Lung cancer
• Mesothelioma

These are very slow developing lung diseases. Symptoms may take between 7 – 40 years after first exposure to appear.

The symptoms and diseases can be “minimal”, appearing only on a chest X-ray (benign pleural lung disease) to lethal (lung cancer and mesothelioma).

Asbestos Removal in New South Wales

If you are planning to renovate your “older” home or workplace, you should have an asbestos screening conducted prior to demolition and waste removal.

Governmental officials in New South Wales recommended that you seek the assistance of asbestos removal specialists to test questionable building materials in your home or workplace for the presence of asbestos

If the objects slated for demolition and removal contain asbestos, the specialists can make recommendations and provide you with asbestos removal costs.

According to New South Wales governmental regulations, if the asbestos or fibro material, such as compressed asbestos sheets, is greater than 10 square metres, it can only be removed by a licensed asbestos removal specialist. If the asbestos materials are less than this size, a license is not required.

Legally, the smaller amount of asbestos (less than 10 square metres) can be removed by the home or business owner. However, if you are not trained in asbestos removal procedures and safe handling precautions, you should never attempt to remove asbestos materials from your building or property.

Removing asbestos should only be conducted by asbestos removal specialists to protect the health and safety of your family and employees.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. Anyone who has health-related concerns and questions about asbestosis or other health conditions should seek advice from a fully licensed health or medical professional as soon as possible.

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