Asbestos Disposal in New South Wales

When you hire contractors to remove asbestos from your home or business, the process is only half completed. The next step the asbestos removal specialists perform is equally important. Asbestos disposal must be conducted according to Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) guidelines. Asbestos removal and disposal licensing is required in New South Wales.

Brief Summary of the DECC Asbestos Disposal Guidelines

When asbestos building materials are removed, there are guidelines that must be followed:

• Keep the asbestos damp, but not dripping wet, to reduce dust and contaminating other areas
• Bonded (matrix compressed and bonded with adhesive) asbestos must be damp
• All friable (crumbling or flaking) asbestos material must be kept damp or sealed with PVA glue
• Collect asbestos in 200-micron thick plastic bags
• Each bag should not weigh more than 25 kg
• Asbestos must be collected, stored, sealed, and transported in properly labeled leak-proof containers and vehicles
• Do not mix asbestos materials with general trash
• Asbestos must be stored in a secure area and removed from the site as soon as possible
• Do not dispose of asbestos in a general or recycling waste facility
• Asbestos-contaminated soil (damp) can be removed in unlined bulk and leak-free trucks. Soil must be completely covered with a tarp during transport.
• Truck must be decontaminated before it leaves the waste facility
• Only vehicles licensed by the DECC can transport friable asbestos waste in the metropolitan area.
• Only landfills with DECC asbestos licensing can accept the waste
• Landfill management must retain disposal records for inspection by WorkCover, the DECC or the local council.

Source: WorkCover

Removal and disposal of other types of asbestos, such as friction materials (vehicle brakes and clutch linings) are also regulated.

It is extremely important that these guidelines are followed to minimise adverse effects on the health and safety of your family, employees, and the community.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal Licensing

In New South Wales, an asbestos removal license is required by law when more the 10 square metres of asbestos is removed from any building or structure.

Asbestos removal licensing is required for bonded (such as fibro board and brake linings) and friable (any crumbling or flaking asbestos materials) asbestos.

All asbestos removal specialists must complete a training course conducted by WorkCover.

WorkCover must be notified at least seven (7) days prior to the removal of any asbestos material, which requires licensing.

All asbestos removal work must be supervised with the appropriate qualifications and experience.

Only licensed landfills are allowed to accept asbestos and asbestos-contaminated materials for disposal.

For more information about asbestos disposal guidelines, laws, and regulations, contact a licensed asbestos specialist in New South Wales.

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