Do you need specialist roofers for heritage restoration projects?

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Replacing or refurbishing a roof is always a major undertaking, but there are added complications when you are dealing with an older, historic building. With cost always a factor in such projects, a question for many building managers and similar decision makers has to be, “Will a specialist heritage restoration company offer the best value for our roofing project?” Here we offer four reasons why we believe a specialist company provides the best chance of achieving your project outcomes successfully and for a competitive price.

Specialist heritage restoration contractors are used to working with older materials

In some cases, a heritage property will have roofing that’s been in place for centuries. Obviously, roofing materials and techniques have changed over time, meaning that many modern roofing contractors won’t necessarily have a good understanding of the original materials and what’s needed for them to be restored effectively.

We know the pitfalls

Inevitably, when restoring or replacing an older roof, there are a number of potential issues which can develop. With extensive experience in the field, we have an excellent knowledge of the type of thing which can go wrong, as well as an awareness of what’s needed to put it right.

Appearance matters when it comes to heritage roofing

Particularly if your building is listed as a structure of architectural interest, there are often significant limitations on what can and can’t be done to it. We are aware of the various regulations and guidelines in place as they relate to historical buildings. This means that the work we do isn’t just functional, it’s also implemented to retain as much of the original appearance of the roof and frontage as possible.

Saving you money on your restoration

A specialist company has the background knowledge to be able to suggest cost-effective methods of getting the results you want. Particularly when appearance and authenticity are important, our team know exactly where to source the roofing materials you’ll need for a lower price, reducing the overall cost of the project.

If you have a remedial roofing project to complete, a specialist company could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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