Everything you need to know about height safety access systems

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When completing work on a commercial or residential building, it is essential all areas of the building can be accessed and all workers are safe. Height safety access systems are installed to ensure workers are safe when working at a height, without compromising the building work being completed.

Height safety systems

When installing a height safety system, it is important the system is compliant with AS1657 Fixed Platforms, Walkways, Stairs and Ladders and Australian Standards AS1891 Industrial Fall Arrest guidelines, to ensure workers are safe and no legal issues are created. Height safety systems are required when any work is taking place above ground level and there is a potential a worker may fall whilst working.

Systems should be created or adapted to fit the project they are required for. For example, a long-term project may need a permanent ladder whilst a small roof repair job may require just a single anchor point. Anchor systems involve a worker wearing a harness to protect the individual should they accidentally slip and fall. It is important to consider the logistics of a project before installing a height safety system to ensure the system is effective and functional.

Engineered access systems

For more complicated projects, such as heritage restoration, engineered access systems may be required to address safety concerns and worker productivity. Engineered access systems such as swing stage access platforms and drop scaffolds offer the ultimate level of safety for workers and contractors needing to complete jobs at a higher height level.

Having the correct height safety systems and equipment should not be an afterthought, the systems should be carefully integrated throughout the preliminary design process and the execution of the project.

Murphys Remedial Builders

Our team at Murphys Remedial Builders have the experience and expert knowledge to implement the correct height safety system to accompany any work we complete. We can improve any existing systems if necessary or create a system unique to your project, ensuring we meet Australian standards and any legal requirements. For more information about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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