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Across Australia, numerous buildings are listed at global, national or state level as being of historical and/or architectural importance. Unfortunately, when it comes to Sydney, the list of 20th Century buildings being listed in this manner is pathetically small. At the current time, only five Sydney buildings built between 1945 and 1975 enjoy such recognition: the Opera House; Linus House; Circular Quay; the railway stations at Martin’s Place; and Qantas House. Many 20th Century buildings which have considerable architectural value are disappearing from Sydney streets: if you’ve got a notable 20th Century property in your ownership, why not let us carry out the heritage restoration it needs to remain beautifully preserved?

20th Century properties have architectural merit

Although many purists are inclined to view influential 20th Century architectural movements with a degree of disdain, the reality is that the bold, striking styles which defined the era offer a powerful social commentary on a period of enormous change in the country. Brutalism, Modernism, Sydney School and Internationalism are all examples of important Modern Movement architectural styles: Sydney is home to dozens of fine examples of these architectures, but they are disappearing at an alarming rate. Don’t let your 20th Century building become a statistic! Even if it is in poor condition, we can still usually come up with a cost-effective way of bringing it back into an appealing, functional state.

Heritage protection is being extended

There are already plans to offer heritage protection to a variety of notable 20th Century Sydney buildings which are currently not listed. These include the MLC Centre in Martin Place and the Brutalist Castlereagh Street Masonic building. Whether your building is to be listed, or you simply have a 20th Century property that requires sensitive restoration that’s in keeping with the architectural style of the time, we are able to get the job done properly.

Modern materials and techniques to provide functional roofing and restoration

We use state-of-the-art technology and building products to restore buildings to their former glory, at the same time as helping to protect them from future decay. No matter what type of building you have, we have the experience needed to provide reasonably priced, high-grade heritage restoration and remedial building works.

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