How can rainwater damage your building?

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The Australian climate is notoriously unpredictable and volatile, especially its powerful downpour. While rain may appear harmless, it’s just a little bit of water right? But rainwater can actually cause serious damage to both commercial and residential buildings. Below we explore some of the negative effects rainwater can cause for your building and how to prevent them…

Concrete spalling

Concrete spalling is a term used to define concrete that has begun to chip, delaminate or flake due to water exposure. If water continues to penetrate through the surface layer of concrete, the concrete will eventually begin to crumble which may cause the structure of a building to collapse and become uninhabitable.

Fortunately, concrete spalling can be repaired if the problem is caught early enough. Any chips or dents in concrete can be filled and repaired to create a safe environment. To prevent the problem from happening again, a waterproof architectural finish must be applied to the concrete to strengthen the façade of the building. There is a range of architectural finishes available, ensuring that no matter what style your building is created in, there will be a finish that complements it.

Rainwater goods

If a roof has been installed incorrectly or has become damaged, rainwater can accumulate and cause problems both to the structure of the building and its inhabitants. If rainwater is able to penetrate through a roof it can accumulate in the ceiling of a building and cause damp. Damp is incredibly costly to get rid of and creates many health risks for individuals who live or work in the building. Damp is a breeding ground for mould which can induce asthma attacks and cause chest problems for individuals who breathe in the areas where mould has begun to grow.

To prevent such problems it is important to contact a specialist as soon as you suspect there may be a problem with your roof drainage. The right remedial building team will ensure your roof is waterproof and custom make any rainwater goods to ensure your roof is working efficiently.

Murphys Remedial Builders are an expert team of builders who provide waterproofing services that ensure your building is safe to work or live in. For more information on how we can serve you, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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