What roofing material is best for you?

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If you’re preparing to get your roof replaced then it’s worth considering what material you’d like your new roof to be. Although it might be tempting to go with whatever you currently have, there could be better options out there. Take a look at some of your options below:


Traditional and able to stand the test of time, slate roofs have been a popular roofing choice for hundreds of years. They can be used on most types of building and are great at keeping your premises dry and free from mould and insects. Slate is fireproof too and will last much longer than many other materials.


Metal roofs can come in the form of aluminium, zinc, copper, and steel. Their strength and durability vary, but a huge bonus of metal roofs is the fact they can be recycled when it comes to replacing them. This makes them desirable to companies that are conscious of their eco-footprint.

Plastic polymer

Like metal, plastic roofs can be recycled and don’t require much upkeep for them to look their best. However, if you’re looking to reduce your plastic consumption, a more natural option is probably best.

Wood shingles

These are ideal for buildings wanting to achieve a traditional look, but they aren’t the most durable of materials and will need to be replaced often or at least carefully maintained. If you’re considering wood, it’s best to go for a rot resistant variety like redwood.


Although clay can last a long time, the tiles are prone to breaking and cracking, meaning you could end up with a significant number of repairs being carried out. They’re also a more expensive option, as they require a lot of energy to produce.


Concrete is like clay’s stronger and cheaper cousin, being much harder to crack. However, concrete might not offer the same refined look as clay so is more commonly used on buildings unconcerned by aesthetics.

If you’re in need of commercial re-roofing, get in touch with Murphy’s Remedial Builders to learn more about the options available to you.

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