What you need consider when re-roofing a heritage building

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Properties can be nominated as ‘heritage’ if they can be identified as having important connections to Australia’s architectural or cultural history. If your property is heritage listed, you will be well aware of the restrictions and guidelines for any kind of changes you might want to make to your building. One of the most common upgrades made to commercial heritage building is re-roofing. If you are contemplating a commercial re-roofing of your heritage property, it is important to understand the following considerations.

Local regulations and restrictions

Prior to commencing any work on a heritage property, be sure to familiarise yourself with the council regulations for your area. Most commonly you will be asked to uphold the property’s existing roofing material, its colour palette and the overall design aesthetic of the building.

Re-roofing materials and colour palettes

Knowing the rules and regulations regarding your material requirements will subsequently inform the scope of your re-roofing. For example, a tile roof will require more care and maintenance than a metal roof as the tiles require stronger reinforcement, being a heavier material. When considering the regulations and restrictions surrounding your colour options you will be happy to know that there is a huge range of coloured metal roofing solutions available specifically designed to match different heritage architecture styles. A re-roofing specialist can help you best match your new colour and material to your existing structure.

Don’t forget the extras

It is easy to think of a roof as just the tiles or sheet panels, but when re-roofing your heritage property, don’t forget to consider gutters, downpipes and other roofing fixtures. Just like the main roof, these peripheral elements also need to be of a matching material and design to complement your heritage site. Consulting a professional heritage re-roofing specialist will ensure that you get to pair the visual aesthetic of the gutter and piping with modern functionality.

Re-roofing your heritage property is a vital step in ensuring your space is able to maintain its integrity for years to come. By considering the above points and thoroughly consulting the re-roofing specialists at Murphy’s Remedial Builders, you can rest assured that your heritage building will be in safe hands.

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