Why is scaffolding so useful?

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Scaffolding is a common sight in many towns and cities where construction work is being carried out, but many people might not realise just what an important role it has. There are many misconceptions about what scaffolding is for, so this blog will explain three real reasons why it’s used.

But first, what exactly is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a structure that’s temporarily installed outside a building. It’s often constructed from metal poles and wooden planks and can come in a variety of formations depending on the work being carried out. Workers will be able to stand on the structure for the duration of the project.

Reasons scaffolding is used

Height safety

When working at any significant level of height, safety is paramount. Scaffolding offers workers a stable base to balance on, as it’s made up of flat areas that are more secure than sloped roofs. Scaffolding also provides handrails for added grip and support, which are ideal should a worker lose their footing. Having a quality scaffolding structure is often safer than simply using a ladder, as even reliable ladders are more prone to moving and instability than a professionally installed scaffolding structure.

More accessible

Particularly on multi-story buildings, it can be difficult to access the upper floors without scaffolding. Ladders are often not long enough or become dangerous if extended to great heights. With scaffolding, all parts of buildings can be reached easily and workers can move across a wall or move higher up with no added risk. Workers can even access the same areas together, allowing for greater teamwork opportunities.

Effective positioning

Balancing on a ladder can not only be dangerous, but also ineffective. The position construction workers have to hold is often impractical and limits the type of work they can carry out. Scaffolding offers precise positioning, meaning workers can be as close or as far from different areas of the building, allowing them to carry out repairs and other tasks at optimal capacity.

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