Why waterproofing is a must for every building

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Although it might seem like buildings are well-equipped to withstand the ravages of rain, if they don’t receive proper care they can really suffer during storms and winter months. Waterproofing is key to the longevity of any structure, particularly concrete, which absorbs water. It usually takes some time for water to really wear down concrete, but effects can be noticeable within a few years, so it’s important not to delay treatment. Here are some of the top reasons you need to consider waterproofing for your next big project:


Although waterproofing might seem like an additional cost you could do without, in the long run you’ll actually be saving cash. It’s much cheaper to prevent the ill effects that water damage can cause, as shelling out for replacement roofs or extensive building work can provide a shock to the system later down the line. Protect the money you’ve already invested now rather than rebuild all your hard work in the future.

A healthier environment

Whether your building is a home or a commercial space, the health of those who live and work within your premises should always be a priority. Water can cause all kinds of problems like mildew and mould, the spores of which manifest in the air you breathe. Over time, a build-up of these spores can cause respiratory problems. This is not only a health concern, however, as unsafe working conditions can land property owners in trouble for not adhering to safety regulations. Waterproofing makes sure that damp and mould find it more difficult to get through.

Interior protection

Waterproofing occurs on the outside of your building, but it also protects your foundations and internal walls. Water won’t be able to seep through outer layers and cause corrosion, rust, or warping of key structures, keeping your building together. You’re also less likely to suffer from damp patches on ceilings, which aren’t just caused by leaks in the roof, but can be a result of seepage that occurs over time.

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