Aus Grid Brookvale

Ausgrid Brookvale


CLIENT: Ausgrid

Project Case Study: Brookvale Substation – Asbestos Roof and Eaves Removal and Installation of Metal Roof

SCOPE OF WORK Aus Grid Brookvale

The works consisted of replacing an aging curved asbestos sheet roof and eaves on a live substation. This included installation of flashings, fascias, new insulation, safety wire mesh and leaf guard.

Removed asbestos roof sheets and eaves were required to be disposed of in accordance with Workcover and environmental legislative requirements.


The project involved working with many hazards:

  • Working at heights
  • Working in an electrical substation with live transformers and switchgear
  • Removing asbestos containing materials
  • Possible exposure of electrical equipment to rainwater
  • Vehicle and pedestrian traffic movement around the site
  • Crane lifting of materials

For this project, Murphy’s assigned an experienced team including Project Manager, Safety Coordinator and Site Manager. Murphy’s, working in consultation with Ausgrid project staff, analysed risks for the project and planned controls through a suite of documents including a Project Specific Management Plan, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and a plant movement plan.

Murphy’s area was kept to a minimal size through using on-site utilities and a small site office for our Site Manager to control the administration of works.

Aus Grid Brookvale All personnel involved in the project were trained in substation entry, electrical safety rules, environmental awareness, low voltage release, CPR and first aid awareness. All staff handling or supervising the removal of asbestos were trained in the statutory removal course and supervisor course as appropriate. Murphy’s Site Manager familiarised all personnel with the works through a site induction specific to the project.

An asbestos removal plan was created and implemented, identifying asbestos materials and specifying controls. Murphy’s has a non-friable asbestos removal licence for carrying out the work of the removal of the asbestos roof sheets. In accordance with the WHS regulations, Murphy’s notified Workcover and obtained a permit for the removal of the asbestos materials. All asbestos removal personnel used appropriate PPE including P2 disposable masks, type 5 disposable coveralls, disposable gloves and thoroughly decontaminated after completion of the work shift. Each day of the asbestos removal, an occupational hygienist visited site to monitor the works and install asbestos fibre sampling monitors.

Protection of the internal substation switchgear and live equipment was achieved by building internal “bird-cage” scaffolding. Murphy’s have previously used this technique to successfully complete many other substation projects for Ausgrid.

Scaffolding of the building perimeter protected workers, tools and materials from falling from heights.

With two of the building frontages open to the public, Murphy’s used ply boards to segregate the scaffolding working platforms from pedestrians. The exterior scaffolding was built with timber boards to provide working platforms which were lined with plastic for the removal of the asbestos eaves and roof sheets.

As an additional precaution against inclement weather, the roofing was removed and replaced in 2.8m sections with a temporary flashing so that the roof would remain watertight at the end of the working day.

Aus Grid BrookvaleProject Delivery and Quality Management.

All materials were ordered and fitted to the client specifications and to the relevant Australian Standards. Murphy’s drew-up and utilised Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) to guide the installation of the new materials. At the completion of the project a handover manual containing material specifications, asbestos air monitoring reports, clearance certificates, asbestos disposal receipts and materials warranties was created for the client.

The roof sheets for this building were curved and were measured by Murphy’s and made bespoke especially for the curvature of the roof. Colorbond Ultra sheets were selected due to the structures proximity to salt water.

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