Aus Grid Newport

Ausgrid Newport


CLIENT: Ausgrid

Project Case Study: Asbestos Roof Replacement & guttering and ceiling of non-asbestos material– Bardo Rd, Newport

SCOPE OF WORK Aus Grid Newport

The work included the removal & disposal of an asbestos roof, including for flashing, soffits, fascias, cappings & wire, Installation of a new 13mm waterproof plasterboard ceiling, Installation of new colourbond roof sheets & associated rainwater goods, Installation of mesh leaf guard to the entire guttering system on the building.

All removed materials were required to be reinstated with new materials conforming to the project specification & relevant Australian Standards.

Due to the surrounding environment of the project, works were required to be executed in the safest manner possible, hence Murphy’s implemented many controls to eliminate all risks associated with the works.

Murphy’s project, safety & site manager all consulted together & produced a Project Safety Management Plan (PSMP) which was implemented for the works.

The most challenging aspect of the project was to safely protect and isolate the works from the surrounding environment which includes for the internal live transformer positioned internally in the building.

Aus Grid NewportFull height protection scaffolding was constructed on the external of the building with a timber board decking placed around the perimeter of the scaffold to eliminate the risk of falling objects. This external scaffolding was constructed to ensure a safe working platform for the asbestos removal team and enable easier access when installing the roof sheets & rainwater goods.

Since the site was a live site and Ausgrid contractors where using the facility from time to time, Murphy’s established a Pedestrian & Traffic Management plan to implement throughout the works.

Murphy’s set-up area was minimal due to the fat that the site is a live station for Ausgrid & was required to be operational at all times. Murphy’s set-up (1) shed on site & utilised amenities on site. Constant clear communication between Murphy’s on site manager & Ausgrid personnel was maintained & works programmed to client satisfaction.

All Asbestos removal works were monitored & executed in accordance with relevant legislation & codes of practice. Air-monitoring was established each day of the Asbestos removal & decontamination works, and we attained appropriate clearance certificates to verify compliant removal works.

As part of the requirements of the project works, Murphy’s was engaged to install a new 13mm plasterboard ceiling and finish it with the required paint finishes as required. Murphy’s engaged their trade qualified fitout contractors to undertake the works. They installed the ceiling off a small works elevated scaffolding system so that the task was carried out safely. Once they had sanded and set the ceiling Murphy’s trade qualified painters completed the ceiling to the specified paint finish.

Murphy’s removed & reinstated the roof sheeting in 2.8 increments. Staging & programming the works in this manner was a slow process for Murphy’s, but it ensured Ausgrid equipment was protected at all times & eliminated the risk of them being damaged.

For all works on the project Murphy’s management developed Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s). These procedural documents were issued to & implemented by our site manager to ensure all works completed were in accordance with the project specification & relevant Australian Standards.

During & at completion of the project Murphy’s progressively assembled their handover documentation to provide to Ausgrid at the completion of the works. This document compiled of all product, workmanship & contact information for the use of Ausgrid. Also in this documentation presented was all tipping receipts from the asbestos removal & all associated permits required to take out the project works.

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;

– Full operational site to Ausgrid throughout the project works

– No WHS and/or Environmental issues due to good development & implementation of controls as outlined in the Project Safety Management Plan (PSMP)

– Project delivered on initial proposed date, even with the additional works carried out, with allocation of additional resources & planning of works appropriately

Aus Grid NewportMurphy’s were engaged by Ausgrid to carry out the project works. The project was undertaken to remove the existing leaking Asbestos Super six roof sheeting & replace it with water tight Colourbond Ultra roof.

Due to the high risks associated with the project – Working with Asbestos, Working at Heights, Working in a live sub-station, Murphy’s assigned a specific team to the works.

With Ausgrid strict safety & training requirements we were required to source, train & ensure all project personnel were competently trained in accordance with Ausgrid requirements. Murphy’s site manager verified all workers competencies & training in the induction stage of the project, and no persons were permitted to work on site without displaying the required competencies to enter the Transformer yard & carry out the particular works.

All project works were completed to the specification, approved project construction drawings & relevant legislative requirements (for the safe removal & disposal of Asbestos etc.). The project was delivered on time without any issues throughout the course of the works & Ausgrid were satisfied with the completed project

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