Bondi Pavilion

Bondi Pavilion


Project Case Study: – Bondi Pavilion High Tide Room Roof Replacement Project No. 21526

Client: Waverley Council

Address: Bondi Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Bondi Pavilion


Although the High Tide building was completed relatively recently, in 1999, the roof of the building had been leaking for some time. The root cause of the leaking was corrosion due to the construction of the roof from roofing materials unsuitable for use in close proximity to the ocean.  During the life of the building, there had been many patching and sealing repairs, but the client now wanted a permanent solution by replacing the roof using robust materials suitable for use on the seafront.

The scope of this project called for replacement of the roof and gutters of the Bondi Pavilion High Tide Room.

The works included:

  • Establishment of secure fencing and signage around the site to ensure public safety and security of the site
  • Removal and recycling of the existing steel roof
  • Removal and recycling of the existing flashing and guttering
  • Supply and installation of new roof insulation.
  • Installation of a new snap lock profile roof system in Colorbond Ultra steel
  • Installation of new flashings in Colorbond Ultra steel
  • Replacement of deteriorated roof timber work
  • Supply and installation of new half-round Colorbond Ultra guttering around the perimeter of the roof
  • Supply and installation of gutter brackets coated to prevent rust
  • Site Clean-up and handover to client

Bondi Pavilion 2


Two principal hazards of the project were working at heights and the use of mobile plant. All personnel were specifically trained in safe work at heights and operators of the scissor lift had received formal training in its maintenance and use.

A temporary hand rail was installed around the perimeter of the High Tide building to prevent falls from the edges. Safe work method statements were created for the main work activities and covered all high-risk construction work during the project.

The site was secured using temporary fencing and warning signage. The nearby local council office and public leisure facilities at Bondi Pavilion remained open and unimpeded during the project works.


Inspection and test plans were used at all stages of the work to verify the quality of workmanship against the standards of the specification of works.

Murphy’s selected Colorbond Ultra steel materials for the re-roofing of the building. These materials are suited for roofs exposed to highly corrosive salt water marine and industrial conditions. Being experienced in installation of these materials over many previous projects, Murphy’s was able to assure the customer on the durability of the roofing materials for the beach location.

Parts of the roof featured curved sheeting. Murphy’s rolled the sheets on-site to match the unique curved profile of these roofs.


Project personnel were inducted to the site environmental aspects, impacts and controls during the pre-start induction and through work method statements. Waste materials including the steel from the previous roofing materials was recycled.

Bondi Pavilion 3

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;

  • Roof replaced using marine grade Colorbond Ultra materials suitable for the exposed ocean facing salt water environment
  • Pavilion activities continued unimpeded during the works
  • Public access and enjoyment of pavilion facilities uninterrupted throughout the project
  • Regular client liaison meetings during the project
  • Works completed without environmental or safety incident.
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