Bondi Public School

Bondi Public School


CLIENT: Soil Conservation Service for NSW Department of Commerce

Project: Bondi Public School Façade Spalling and Roof Replacement Project Enter the name and address of the project ABC project at 16 Windsor Street Wooloomoloo.

Bondi Public School


The Project brief and Scope of Works was to Remediate the Façade and Replace the Roofing. Murphy’s were required to complete the works whilst the school remained fully occupied and live for the duration of works.

We erected and certified full height Scaffolding, that was also fully encapsulated and included for handrails at Roof level to ensure safety at heights was maintained at all times.

Once the Access was erected Murphy’s management team inspected the ceiling space with an independent NATA Accredited Hygienist in which it was found that friable asbestos was present in this space.

Murphy’s having both an AS1 and AS2 Licence were able to safely remove and remediate this identified hazardous material without effect on the School or Project Programme.

The roof was removed in a progressive manner to ensure the Building remained watertight at all times. This meant that our qualified Roofers Reinstated within the same day the same area of removed tiles Coastal grade Colourbond Roof Sheeting from which the area that from tiles were removed.

As part of the Roof Replacement we laid, lapped and tied galvanised safety wire mesh that was certified to ensure it was compliance with Australian Standards. New specified Roof Insulation was also laid as specified by the Architect and to the manufactures standards to improve the Environmental function of the Building.

Our trade qualified Roof Plumbers installed all required flashings and cappings for the roof to be compliantly watertight. The guttering was removed & replaced with new heritage style eaves gutters sympathetic to the Building.

All downpipe stacks were replaced with 100x75mm rectangular downpipe lengths, inclusive of all accessories and connected to the existing stormwater system onsite.

Bondi Public School_2

Due to the Building having Heritage significant all external masonry repairs were undertaken by experienced and appropriately qualified masonry personnel. Various existing penetrations in the Building were prepared for keying and bricked up to the details of the Heritage Architect.

All concrete spalling to the Façade was remediated and finished to match the existing surrounding Building surfaces.

Where scheduled the window openings were propped and rusted lintels removed and replaced with new lintel to the engineer’s detail. Prior to being bricked up each individual the replaced lintel was inspected, certified and signed off by our independent engineer.

The entire façade of the Building was repaired and repointed using traditional re-pointing techniques by our experienced and qualified heritage masonry workers. All re-pointing was neatly executed to the work methods and techniques of the Heritage Architect and comprehensively cleaned on completion and certification of works.

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;

• Project work programmed to suit client’s requests
• Project completed on time including additional work with the latent condition of discovered Friable Asbestos in the Ceiling Space
• School continued operation as normal during the progression of works avoiding expensive relocation of pupils
• Preservation of Heritage aspects of the building
• Immediate removal of asbestos and hazardous materials discovered during the project
• Delivery of the project with no lost time injuries, safety or environmental issues
• Project delivered within budget, on-time and to a high-quality workmanship


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