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Project Case Study: Stages 1, 2 & 3 – Customised National Distribution Warehouse – Fantastic Furniture




Murphys Roofing Installed 75,000 sq metres of Lysaght KlipLok Roof and 30,000 sq metres of custom wall cladding. At this time it was the largest Super Shed in the Southern Hemisphere, the beginning of many such projects undertaken Australian wide.

A Low Line Ridge Ventilator was installed.

Stainless steel gutter 350mm x 600mm deep was fitted to this project, a major feat with engineered designed brackets to hold up such a large gutter.

A Siphonic gutter system was installed which does away with external down pipes and saves in stormwater works in the ground. This works on the principle of allowing the gutter to take all the roof water and discharge it all at once when filled up. This roof is so big when dew occurs there is 100,000 litres of water running off the roof.

The roof sheets are split over three sections to total length of 97 metres and has movement of 200mm hence our expansion joints are critical in the performance of this roof.


Murphys Height Safety installed 1.5 kilometres of static line around this job which created a fall restraint system so all workers who access the roof can work in a safe manner.

This was a system using Murphys innovation by pointing out to the client, Paclib, the risk involved by not having such a system.

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