HMAS KUTTABUL – Building 801 Refurbish Ablutions


CLIENT: Brookfield

Project Case Study:

 HMAS KUTTABUL – Building 801 Refurbish Ablutions

Project No: S5699

 HMAS Kuttabul, Building 801, Wylde Street, Potts Point, NSW



The project scope of works involved refurbishing the ablutions to a six floor sailors’ accommodation block, over two wings, containing 3 bathrooms per floor. A torch-on membrane roof was replaced on a flat awning roof to one of the wings. All work was carried out in a live accommodation block.

In more detail, the works included:-

  • Demolition and strip-out of the existing bathrooms
  • Removal of all floor and wall tiles, partitions, toilets, hand basins vanities.
  • Ensuring suitable waterproofing to floor and shower walls prior to commencement of laying floor tiles.
  • Providing new floor and wall tiles.
  • Installing new ceiling.
  • Providing new toilet suites to all ablutions.
  • New toilet and shower partitions.
  • Provide new vanities with 4 basins each.
  • Remove baths and convert to two showers
  • Treat and repaint all metal work to east wing roof, grillage, handrails to mitigate further corrosion.
  • East Wing – Roof area, Repair and repaint to internal and external walls, doors, ceilings to all rooms located from roof area. Works to ensure that all substrate areas are prepared in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. Painting to ensure that no ridge lines are visible from underlying layers of paint.
  • West Wing – Awning roof, Repair / replace membrane to concrete veranda awning to west wing. Remove peeling and install fit for purpose. Provide details of proposed membrane system to be used, including all details of substrate preparation etc.
  • Concrete spalling discovered to awnings, structural elements and bathroom slabs. Corroded reinforcing replaced. Defective concrete broken out, steel repaired and treated. Hold and witness points used in the inspection of work. High strength concrete repair mortar was used.

Quality Management

Frequent project meetings with the client and the subcontractors enabled the Project Manager and Site Manager to communicate effectively with all stakeholders and solve problems as they arose.

To ensure delivery of high quality workmanship, Murphy’s management developed Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s). These procedural documents were issued to and implemented by our site manager to ensure all works completed were in accordance with the project specification and relevant Australian Standards.

Safety Management

A Project Specific Management Plan was created and used to guide works for the project. Risk assessments before and during the project were conducted and all work activities had safe work methods specific to the project developed and delivered through SWMS for all tasks.

As the works were situated in a live Australian Naval base, all project personnel were required to be trained with three levels of induction: Garden Island base induction, Brookfield contractor induction and Murphy’s project site specific induction.

The site was regularly inspected and audited by the Safety Coordinator to ensure the safety systems being used on site were effective.

Environmental Management

All waste produced on site was minimised and disposed of using a licensed environmental waste handler as appropriate. All staff were trained in environmental aspects of work during their Brookfield and Murphy’s Site Specific Induction.

Asbestos materials discovered during the works were removed by Murphy’s in-house licenced asbestos removal capability. Asbestos waste was double-wrapped in black plastic, sealed with duct tape and taken for legislatively compliant disposal at the asbestos waste disposal facility at SITA Kemps Creek.

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;

–          Accommodation block was kept operating as normal

–          Work delivered with minimum of disruption to residents of the block.

–          In-house licenced removal of asbestos materials discovered during the works

–          Delivery of the project with no lost time injuries, safety or environmental issues.

–          Project delivered on-budget, on-time and with high quality workmanship.

Due to the complexity of the works and the high risks involved, Murphy’s assigned a highly trained and experienced team to the works.

Murphy’s project team all worked together to successfully deliver the project both on and off site. This included the development of all approved documentation and implementation at work-site level.

The project was delivered on-time and to a high standard of workmanship without any issues throughout the course of the works. Brookfield and Defence were very pleased with the completed project.


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