Nirimba TAFE

Nirimba TAFE


CLIENT: NSW Department of Public Works

 Project Case Study: Removal of Tile Roof, Installation of Metal Roof, Removal of Asbestos and Installation of Height Safety Access System at Nirimba TAFE


The project scope of works involved roof tile removal, installing metal roofing, asbestos removal, installing flashings and cappings, installing the height safety access system and other miscellaneous works.

The project consists of work on 4 buildings (blocks): T2A, T2B, T3A and T3C.

  • Removal of tile roofs and replacement with metal roofs on blocks T2A,T2B, T3A & T3C
  • Replace gutters, downpipes and install flashings and cappings on all blocks
  • Removal of bonded asbestos eaves and gables on all blocks
  • Removal of friable asbestos ceiling debris in block T3A
  • Installation of anchor points for height safety access system


Nirimba TAFE

Works for this project were high risk with works mainly being undertaken at heights, using mobile powered plant and removing friable asbestos materials in the ceiling spaces of one of the buildings. Planning of the work took place with meetings and site visits enabling Murphy’s project management group to identify hazards, assess risks and plan control options before starting work on site. Murphy’s accredited Safety Management System was used to provide the procedures and methods to controlling the safety risks on the project. The following documents were developed as the guiding tools for controlling risks:

  • Safety Management Plan for Murphy’s work. Included our project risk assessment, controls, monitoring requirements, on-site procedures, roles and responsibilities of on-site personnel.
  • SWMS for roof replacement on each building. Risks of falling from the roof were controlled using roof perimeter hand rails to make a safe working platform on the roof.
  • SWMS for friable asbestos removal in the ceiling space of one of the buildings. The friable asbestos debris was contained by building a plastic enclosure. Bonded asbestos eaves were removed gently after being wetted down with PVA glue solution. All asbestos removal was performed by staff in respiratory and protective PPE including disposable coveralls. The asbestos removal process was fully licenced and permitted and completed in line with the legislation and codes of practice for safe removal of asbestos.
  • SWMS for Crane Lift. A specialist crane contractor was brought in to execute the crane lift using experienced and licenced personnel.
  • SWMS for loading the roof sheets on the roof. The roof sheets were spread over the roof in smaller packs to avoid point loading the roof and the risk of collapse. Metal brackets were installed at the base of each pack to stop the packs sliding from the roof.
  • SWMS for using the scissor lift included training requirements, maintenance and inspection requirements and controls for using the scissor lift in fenced areas of the site.

This project was part of a NSW Department of Public Works refurbishment of the TAFE. At the beginning of each day, Murphy’s Site Manager met with the Public Works project management team to coordinate the work day and plan ahead for work in the coming weeks.

Nirimba TAFE


Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) were developed for each building. These were used to track workmanship against requirements of the Australian Standards and the contract. Defects were logged, tracked and remedied by the Site Manager.

The buildings were kept watertight throughout the work. This involved removing and replacing the roof in progressive sections and using a temporary flashing for sealing the join of the old and new roof. At the completion of the work, the client was able to inspect and approve the high quality of Murphy’s workmanship.

Murphy’s were able to accommodate additional variations on the basic contract work with ease. These variations included removing insulation from the ceiling roof space, closed circuit TV inspection and blast cleaning of underground drainage pipes, fitting of leaf guard over the gutters of all the project buildings and fitting metal sheet cladding of  the lift shaft on one of the buildings. All these extras were worked inside the programmed works resulting in no extra time being added to the project.

Nirmba TAFE


  • Work was completed to the deadline while accommodating other trades in communication with the Department of Public Works and the other trades.
  • Completion of the work without interruption to normal TAFE activities. At the time of the works the TAFE campus was in use by students and teaching staff. Murphy’s segregated the activities and location of the project by using barriers and site fencing to protect the public.
  • The work was completed without safety issues. With the development and implementation of the site safety management plan and work methods.
  • High quality finish and workmanship ensured through constant monitoring by the Site Manager and implementation of ITPs.


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