Singleton High School, NSW

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Singleton High School, Maintenance & Roof Works, Project No: SINSW-18-1707

The project scope of works involved re-roofing, maintenance and associated works to buildings A, B, D and E.


The project scope of works can be summarised as below:


Roof Replacement Works to Blocks A, B, D and E

  • Protection, removal and reinstallation of all roof mounted equipment and services
  • Asbestos eaves lining licenced removal and disposal works
  • Lead ceiling dust remediation and disposal works
  • Provision of adequate fall protection to the buildings perimeter.
  • Removal of all existing roof, sheeting and associated components.
  • Removal of all guttering, downpipes and associated components.
  • Altered the roof structure and fascia components to accommodate fascia guttering rather than

box guttering

  • Supply and installation of new roof battens to the structure as required
  • Existing box gutters eliminated through installation of new battens.
  • Supply and installation of roof safety mesh to the entire roof area.
  • Supply and installation of R1.3 55mm insulation blanket to the entire roof area.
  • Supply and installation of Colorbond or equivalent 0.48mm B.M.T Cliplock roof sheeting to the entire roof area in full lengths from the ridge or high end of the structure toward the gutter line.

Supply and installation of custom folded 0.55mm B.M.T Colorbond or equivalent flashings and cappings to the new roof as required to complete.

  • All flashings and cappings achieve a minimum one dry pan across Cliplock profile roofs.
  • Removal and replacement of the existing barge and fascia boards serving the building.
  • Removal and replacement of the existing eave sheeting serving the building.
  • Prepared and painted the new barge, facia boards and eave sheeting utilising a three coat system.
  • Supply and installation of new Colorbond or equivalent 200mm half round guttering to the buildings fascia board.
  • Fitted the new guttering utilising external gutter brackets secured at spacings not exceeding 1.0m.
  • Supply and installation of 150mm diameter Colorbond or equivalent downpipes to match the existing locations. Each downpipe was fitted with a minimum three astragals.
  • Each downpipe discharged into a raised collar and grate ground connection.
  • Supply and installation of roof anchor system including ladder bracket to building in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.


Maintenance Works

Site Preparation and Protection Works

  • Removal and storage of IT equipment using a specialist, then reinstalled, tested and recommissioned to ensure it is fully operational.
  • Bagged and taped in-situ projectors.
  • Removal and refit to original locations any furniture, fixtures, fittings, blinds, wall hangings, fire extinguishers, signs etc. as was required to undertake and complete the work. Nails removed.
  • All surfaces not painted and equipment that cannot be removed were protected with drop sheets or masked off during the works.

Surface Preparation and Coating

  • Repaired all surfaces to provide a solid foundation for painting: blistering, cracking, flaking and peeling or other deteriorated coatings were removed.
  • All redundant nails, hooks and brackets were removed and filled
  • Removal of all staples, blu-tack, sticky tape, glue and the like from all surfaces nominated for painting
  • All filling to match the existing wall finish
  • Damaged areas such as, but not limited to, nail holes, cracks, chips, and spalls were repaired with suitable material to match adjacent undamaged areas.
  • Edges of chipped paint were feather edged and sanded smooth. If The edge could not be feathered, it was filled with a suitable filler and sanded prior to coating
  • Removed all rust from metal surfaces and treat with an appropriate metal primer. Where rust could not be fully removed, items were treated with a zinc phosphate primer prior to painting.
  • All new and repaired surfaces were primed with the appropriate primer per application.
  • Both sides and tops of doors were painted with a 3 coat system as per the EFSG. Protected/removed door furniture and fittings as required. Painted all nominated doors inside and out ensuring tops of doors were painted as per facilities standard.
  • B Block, repaired spalling on entry slab edge render and painted to match existing surfaces.
  • B Block removed and replaced with new double aluminium glass panel doors with compliant hardware.
  • C Block prepared and painted ease and adjusted 16 x external windows facing court yard.
  • C Block removed stencil concrete surface from landing and stairs and replaced with non-slip heritage listed tiles.
  • D Block ground & first floors prepared and painted nominated ceiling linings and internal & external doors.
  • J Block external Canteen area relevel surfaces and supply & installation of synthetic turf.
  • P Block prepared and painted all previously painted internal & external surfaces. Removed & replaced 1 x sash cord and 5 x glass windows.


Addendum 1 Works

  • C Block prepared and painted 3 window exteriors
  • C Block grid reference B1, removed stencil concrete and remediated based on engineers inspection, report and design to address the structural inadequacies
  • J Block reveal external canteen surfaces, supply and installation of synthetic turf.
  • P Block Prepared and painted all previously painted internal and external surfaces. Removed and replaced 1x sash cord and 6x glass windows, ease and adjust.
  • CW2, CW3, CW6 Removed and replaced roofs and associated components as per the above roof replacement scope
  • All Blocks nominated for roof replacement works: installed galvanised down pipe guards to a minimum of 2m high.
  • A Block, sheet over skylights and patch internal ceiling linings with gyprock then prepared, patched and painted with ceiling white.
  • E & A Blocks, neatly cut eave linings in line with metal screening where required and replaced outer sections only.
  • Removed and replaced all surface mounted surfaces that required relocation due to roof works
  • Fascia and Eaves lining materials. Installed metal Custom Orb eaves linings and metal Colorbond wrap around fascia.
  • Site Clean-up, disestablishment and handover
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