The Hills Sports High School Roofing Upgrade


Client: Department of Education

Project: The Hills Sports High School Roofing Upgrade Project SINSW 17-614

The Hills Sports High School, 56 Best Road, Seven Hills.



The project scope of works involved re-roofing, roof plumbing and drainage work. The scope of work covered the following school buildings: Block A, Block B, Block C, Block E and Block G.

  • Site Establishment
  • Establishment of safe access to the roof
  • Removal of the existing roof
  • Installation of new roof sheeting, safety wire mesh, insulation
  • Installation of new flashings and cappings
  • Installation of eaves and box gutters
  • Installation of new downpipes and astragals
  • Installation of height safety anchor point system
  • Stormwater system camera investigation work
  • Installation of storm water grates
  • Site Clean-up, disestablishment and handover


Perimeter hand rails were erected around the edge of the roofs to provide fall protection. To prevent falls though the roof, Australian Standard safety mesh was installed. Trained operators used Scissor lifts to move materials on and off the roofs.


Murphy’s management team inspected the site and tested suspected materials with NATA accredited occupational hygienists. High levels of lead content in the ceiling dust was discovered, together with a ceiling beneath the work area testing positive for asbestos containing cement. Murphy’s have both friable and non-friable asbestos removal licences, so were able to remove the hazardous materials as requested by the client. All asbestos and lead ceiling dust was removed with trained personnel using the required PPE including respirators, disposable coveralls and gloves.

The roof was kept watertight throughout the replacement process. Each day, a measured area of sheeting was removed and replaced so that the roof was not left open after the work shift ended. This included fitting safety wire mesh and new insulation blanket.


Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;

  • Project work programmed to fit in with the operational requirements of the school including work in holidays and term times.
  • Project completed within the programmed time, accommodating the testing and removal of non-friable asbestos containing cement ceiling and lead ceiling dust.
  • School operation uninterrupted by the progress of project works.
  • Anchor point height safety system installed for future roof maintenance access.
  • No lost time injuries, safety or environmental issues during the project.
  • Project completed within budget, on-time and with a high-quality finished work
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