West Tradies Bathroom

West Tradies Bathroom Refurb


CLIENT: West Tradies

Project Case Study:
Toilet Refurbishment at 247 Woodstock Ave Dharruk


West Tradies Bathroom

The West Tradies Club has been a focal point for the community in and around the Mt Druitt & Dharruk area for a number of years and is a key community venue. The primary purpose of the project was to update the clubs ageing amenities to both the male and female bathrooms.  Along with a whole new internal fit out to the bathrooms, Murphy’s also installed a new mechanical ventilation system to the clubs amenities which was ageing and malfunctioning.  Murphy’s also installed a new glass water feature, with stacker stone feature panelling at the entrance to the club as per the scope of works.

The outline of the scope of works included:

  • Demolition of the existing bathroom fixtures
  • New tiling throughout the male and female toilets & feature walls
  • New plumbing to basins, water feature & toilets
  • New toilet partitioning
  • New electrical wiring to LED down lights
  • New fixings E.G hand dryers, tap ware, lights & toilets
  • New mechanical ventilation
  • New light weight stud walls


This project was carried out whilst the club was still operational.  Murphy’s only had from 6am till 10:30am to carry out noisy works before the club opened at 11am.  Another constraint to this job was at the demolition phase, which created a lot of dust and debris, Murphy’s developed procedures that would eliminate the dust to the public areas so the club would remain operational.


West Tradies BathroomBefore the works were carried out Murphy’s compiled all relevant documentation needed to carry out the project like PSMP’s, SWMS and other documentation required on site.

When work commenced on site Murphy’s skilled onsite Site Supervisor (Sean Bateman), was critical in delivering the project to the client on time and on budget.  His management of the onsite trades was crucial to the project running effortlessly due to the time constraints and the minimal work area that Murphy’s had to overcome.

Murphy’s firstly erected a hoarding to the outside of the male and female amenities to contain the work area, this also acted as a containment measure for the dust generated from the demolition. Murphy’s had to then initiate out of hours working times for any works that would be creating noise or dust, all works similar to this were taken out before the 11am opening time of the club.

Once the area had been cleaned daily from the removal of the construction waste and was ready for the club to operate as per usual, Murphy’s then could carry out all works that were to be non-disruptive to the club and its patrons, all non-disruptive works were carried out in normal working hours as per the contract with the client stated.  This included minor framing works, tiling, installation of new toilet partitioning, ceiling works, painting, plumbing etc.

Murphy’s carried out these procedures methodically to the client’s satisfaction till the job was handed over on time.  Since the completion of the works to the bathrooms, Murphy’s has been engaged to carry out more alterations work for this client.

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;

  • Project work completed on time and on budget
  • Weekly project meetings with customer for excellent communication and progress updates
  • Works carried out with minimal environmental impact
  •  No disruption to the club or its patrons
  • All variations completed within the contract timeframe as well


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