Wilson’s Cottage, Rockdale NSW

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The exact year of the construction of this farm cottage is not known, but it was present when James Wilson is recorded as owning the land in the 1850’s. By the mid 20th century it was part of the Chinese market garden in the area. The cottage is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register (SHRN 00487). Wilson’s cottage and its site are owned by Bayside Council. The building, is a tiny one level sandstone cottage with a front verandah, and was in a disused state of repair, requiring the project works to remediate the building and prevent further deterioration. The house now is located in a shallow hollow that has been created by filling the former market garden area to create netball courts and their associated car parking area. The market garden site has since been filled and modern development nearby includes housing and public netball courts and recreational park area.


The project scope of works involved groundworks, stone wall works, roofing, joinery, ceiling, veranda, electrical, stormwater and painting/finishing:


  • Groundworks: adjusting ground height, subsoil drainage, sandstone step to east door, footings for veranda columns.
  • External stone walls (painted): paint removal, helical reinforcement, mortar repair and replacement.
  • External stone walls (unpainted): stonework repair, mortar repair and replacement
  • Internal stone walls (rendered and painted): lintel repair, mortar and render repair and replacement, fire place repair in two rooms
  • Internal stone walls (unrendered and unpainted): mortar repairs and replacement, tie rods
  • Roofing: replacing roof structure, replace veranda structure, installing roof sheeting, install fascia and barge boards
  • Flooring: veranda floor, internal floor
  • Joinery: windows, doors and frames
  • Linings: ceilings, veranda
  • Electrical: strip existing wiring, re-wire and install light fittings, switches, electrical, data and telephone points and new smoke detectors
  • Stormwater: installing gutters and downpipes
  • Painted finishes: prepared and painted internal walls, apply undercoat and sealant to render repairs.
  • Timber: Sanded and prepared for painting, applied primer and undercoat to exposed timber, prepare and seal new hardwood floor. Sanded, prepared and treated rust in tie rod anchor plates.
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