Blacktown Painting Factory

Scope of Work

The scope included the removal and replacement of 1,400m² of metal roofing, 600 lineal metres of polycarbonate skylights, all required flashings and cappings, structural purlin works and the installation of new turbo ventilators.

Hazards and Controls

The factory in which the project works took place is a live operational steel manufacturing and painting facility. This project had many associated risks in which Murphy’s Group were required to manage.

The major risks for the project were:

– Working above a live paint line
– Working on a very damaged and brittle roof
– Falling from heights
– Working around live power cables
– Working around a live sprinkler system
– Operating live machinery around plant and equipment

Murphy’s Group managed all risks for the project with strict controls and good construction planning. Murphy’s Group developed the required controls for the project to be completed safely. The developed and implemented Site Specific Management Pan worked successfully as there was no damage to any assembly line plant and equipment and no injuries to any personnel working on the project.

Due to the project being in a live operational facility, carrying out the works could not be done whilst personnel were working underneath the roof replacement works.

Project Summary

Murphy’s communicated with the client and programmed the works accordingly. The client agreed to stop operations for a period of 4 days for Murphy’s Group to complete the project in this window.

There was a down pour of rain on the first day; hence a working day was lost. More resources and personnel were assigned to the project and the entire weekend was worked. The project was successfully completed, and with the additional resources on the project, Murphy’s Group replaced 1,400m² of roofing, flashings and all cappings in 6 days.

The reason that the project work was undertaken was that the roof was damaged by the severe hail storm in December 2007. The roof also had deterioration from the paint line underneath, hence the condition of the roof was very bad and replacing the roof was essential. The first step for Murphy’s Group was to assess the site and implement an appropriate management plan. An access tower was erected for safe access of personnel to the roof, and the site was established accordingly.

All materials were lifted onto and off to the roof with the use of an 80 tonne crane. The crane works had to be precisely planned, as the space around the crane operations were limited. Murphy’s Group implemented works plans for the cranes operations and they were successfully carried out.

Murphy’s Group proceeded to complete the project by working from the northern to southern end. All flashings, ventilators and cappings were replaced as the works progressed, to ensure the roof remained watertight for the duration of the project.

As the removal of the existing metal roof progressed it was identified by Murphy’s that the existing steel purlins had deteriorated, hence the new metal roof sheeting could not be fixed to them. They wtherefore required replacement and in accordance with Australian Standards. The client was informed immediately and appropriate procedures set in place by Murphy’s Group.

The high risk of the new works required Murphy’s Group to develop additional Safe Work Method Statements and works plans. The purlins were removed and reinstated successfully according to the developed works plan and method statements. The additional works did not affect the completion date of the project, as additional plant, resources and equipment were allocated for the job. Upon the replacement of the purlins works, Murphy’s Group were able to continue and complete the roof replacement.

When the main roof replacement works were complete Murphy’s Group continued with replacement of the 600 lineal metres of polycarbonate roof sheeting, which was located over the rest of the factory. These works were completed while the factory was operational. This was done by Murphy’s Group allocating staff both on the ground and the roof, as in accordance with Murphy’s Group developed Site Specific Safety management plan.

The project was successfully achieved within the allocated projected timeframe, even with the additional works added. The client was extremely pleased on completion as there was not lost time to their operations.

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