Blacktown Schools 2008 Hailstorm

Scope of Work

The scope included the removal and reinstatement of roofs of the buildings of six schools in the Blacktown District. The total roof area of the entire project was approximately 16500m². Each building was to have all existing tiles demolished and removed from site and reinstated with new metal roof sheeting. The scope of works also included for new timber fascias, guttering, downpipes and all associated flashings and cappings.

Stages of the project were challenging given that some of the schools remained occupied with teachers and students, hence strict OH&S management requirements were set in place by Murphy’s Group.

Project Summary

Various schools were damaged during a severe hail storm in December 2007. The storm resulted in damage to many of the tiled roofs of the schools; hence they were required to be replaced. Murphy’s Group were engaged for the project.
Due to the project being an emergency, the works were required to be programmed accordingly. Murphy’s key personnel managed each school simultaneously to ensure the project was completed before the scheduled completed date. At one point Murphy’s Group were managing 4 seperate Schools; this was achieved by assigning adequate personnel and resources (plant, equipment & required materials) to each individual project. The schools remained open with teachers and children attending, hence the strictest risk controls were set in place to manage the situation appropriately.

This was challenging for Murphy’s Group key personnel due to obvious OH&S issues associated with working in schools in term time.

Murphy’s Group also assisted the client with reports on the conditions of other buildings in the schools. The reports submitted to the client were comprehensive and assisted them in rectifying further unidentified damage/problems. By identifying and rectifying the other defective roofs, it eliminated the risk of water ingress, which would cause more damage and cost more money to rectify.

On completion of each project the client requested removable grates at the bottom of each downpipe stack for future maintenance purposes. Murphy’s Group were able to supply and install the grates without disturbance to the school operations.

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