Both Membrane Roof and Tiled Roof

Completed Project: Centre Roof Membrane and Tiled Roof Refurbishment


 The project scope of works was to carry out a package of roof repair works to the Sydney Conference and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour. The scope of works also included:

  • Installing a liquid membrane Parchem Emerclad roof system over the auditorium roof
  • Parchem Emerclad membrane roof repair to stepped roofs
  • Paving slab area roof – installing membrane roof 2 layers of Parchem Testudo and 1 layer Parchem Mineral Fidia bituminous membrane
  • Parchem product expansion joint repair work to the auditorium roof
  • Auditorium perimeter height safety hand rail installation
  • Repairs to two membrane box gutter
  • Repairs to two metal box gutters


The works were carried out to the Sydney Conference and Exhibition Centre and hence special controls were required to be implemented to ensure the guests and occupants were not affected by the works.

The building where the project was completed encompassed 4 separate work areas with different access characteristics hence the appropriate controls were required to be implemented & maintained for the duration of works to ensure a safe work environment was maintained.

Firstly, the box gutters were repaired on the flat roof area of the building using Parchem Emerclad.

The stepped roofs were strengthened by temporarily using sheets of plywood as a work platform while repairs were made using Parchem Emerclad liquid membrane.

Handrails were installed around the perimeter of the auditorium roof using fall prevention safety harnesses anchored by temporary anchor points installed by our own specialist height safety technicians. This allowed the next stage of work to proceed as the handrails provided a fall prevention barrier for workers installing the Parchem Emerclad liquid membrane. The project was a quality control project and as such we implemented Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s).

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