Campbelltown Roof Replacement and Minor Building Works

Commercial Roof Replacement and Minor Building Works at Harvey Norman Complex Campbelltown

Scope of Works

The project scope of works included a 6,000m² metal roof replacement, including new safety wire mesh and insulation. The scope of works also included for the replacement of 300 lineal metres of box guttering, approx. 1500 lineal metres of flashings and cappings, repair and replacement of the fibre cement soffits, painting works to various elements on the building, installation of a anchor point height safety system, in-ground investigation and pipe blasting/clearing, replacement of 50 downpipes and all other associated works to ensure the watertightness of the building.

The project works were carried out at a large commercial shopping facility. For this reason the building was required to remain operational at all times, hence Murphy’s Group initiated special controls to ensure the buildings operations were not disturbed during the course of project. This was achieved through the creation of a Project Specific Management Plan (PSMP) and constant communication of the programming of the works to the client. The implementation of the PSMP and the assurance that the construction programme was adhered to was the responsibility of Murphy’s appointed project management team.

Murphy’s project management team worked together closely with the client at all times to ensure communication was maintained throughout the works.

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works

– Additional works did not extend the construction programme, and project was delivered on projected completion date. This was achieved by coordinating works appropriately and accordingly
– Constant weekly programme supplied to client
– Able to complete works without disturbance to the operation of the facility with good programming
– Initiated strategies to minimise noise on the project works
– Coordinated with the tenants of the building to ensure they were not disturbed during the works
– Carried out removal and reinstatement processes to ensure the safety of all persons in the building was not at risk
– Completed project without any OHS or Environmental issues with the good implementation of the PSMP
– Implemented good and competent traffic management procedures to ensure crane works were carried out without any disturbance to the building and surrounding environment

The project was undertaken to resolve the various roof leaks, in which previous repairs were not successful in rectifying. The project was also undertaken to improve the aesthetics of the building, such as an upgrade to the exterior painting etc.

The design of the proposed roof would not cope and would eventually lead to further problems, due to the outsize length of the sheeting and size of the building. Murphy’s key project management team proposed a roof design alterative to the client, which would ensure the complete water tightness of the roof. Murphy’s proposed design was accepted and the works carried out. We laid full length Klip-Lok 700 roof sheets. Some of the sheeting was 34m long so logistics management was critical in the delivery of the project in accordance with the programme.

It was a requirement of the project that the building facility remained operational during the project; hence additional risks were required to be managed. Murphy’s Group managed these risks with continual communication and programming critical high risk operations, such as crane operation, at appropriate times.

During the course of the project, variations to the scope of works were requested by the client. Murphy’s was able to complete the additional works with cost savings to the client and without disturbance to the construction programme.

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