Case Study: Seven Hills Sports High Re Roof Replacement


Address: Seven Hills Road Seven Hills
Value: $ 1,000,000.00

The project scope of works involved re-roofing, painting and restoration works and can be summarised as

Roof Replacement
– Establishment of Site
– Safe Access Stretcher Stairs
– Roof Removal & Replacement Works, including Flashings & Capping’s
– New guttering
– New Anchor Points
– Storm water Investigation
– Stormwater grates install
– Fascia Eaves Works as required
– Site Dis-establishment & Handover

Re Roofing Works


Roof Replacement Works.
The major task to be completed on the Project is the Roof Replacement, including Roof Flashings &
Capping’s Works.
Roof Replacement was carried out in a progressive manner to ensure all areas of the Building remain
watertight at all times. This will mean that whatever we remove on that working day will be reinstated
and fixed, inclusive of any weather strips, flashings etc. required in that area.
Murphy’s required all rooms below the work area to be unoccupied for the work to be carried out.
Murphy’s trade qualified Roof Plumbers will install a temporary Flashing between the new and existing
Roof sheeting at the completion of each day until the Roof Covering is completely finished.

All Roof Replacement works will be completed under the requirements of the Project Quality
Management Plan, including for the tasks specific Inspection Test Plan (ITP). The ITP will include for
the ensuring there are no incompatible materials/materials separation is used and full compliance with
the contract specification.

New Roofing system was installed/fixed directly over the existing Roof Structure/Purlins hence we
have not allowed for the replacement and/or installation of any Roof Purlins, Trusses, Members,
Battens etc. as part of the works.

Lead Ceiling Dust Removal
Murphy’s suspected the presence of hazardous materials. The client was advised and engaged an
independent occupational hygienist to carry out testing. High-level lead dust was found. Murphy’s
removed this hazardous material by HEPA vacuuming and wet-wiping the floor, structural members and
all surfaces within the ceiling space. This was carried out before the re-roofing of the building all removal
was carried out at night while no students were at the school. The independent hygienist then made a
thorough inspection before issuing a clearance certificate to confirm the area was clear.

External Painting Works
New fascia and eaves were fitted as required these areas received a under coat and two coats of external
paint finish to complete the works

Storm Water

Murphys used CCTV camera to assess the condition of stormwater drains .
Murphys replaced storm water pipes and used a high pressure jet blast to unblock the pipes.

New Storm water grates were completed at the bottom of all down pipes.

Height Safety System Installed
Murphys designed a new Height Safety Access system that provided safe access to the roof for future
maintenance works to be carried out safely .
Murphys Access System Designed and Supplied and Fitted


Murphy’s project team were responsible for quality management of the project. Continual monitoring of
workmanship for all on site trades was supervised by Murphy’s Site Manager. Inspection and test plans
(ITP) were used as a quality management tool for the roofing works, checking delivered roof tiles and
materials arrived and were fitted correctly. Clearance certificates for the removal of asbestos roof sheeting
and lead dust hazardous materials were key hold points. Murphy’s management met regularly with the
client’s management team on site to review and plan the works. These meetings were at key hold,
inspection and review points during the work.


The Department of Education was able to keep the school operational during the works. Murphy’s made
this possible by scaffolding the perimeter of the building and erecting hoarding over the doorway
entrances. This protected all the people entering and leaving the building and enabled edge fall protection
to be provided for the roofers replacing the roof tiling.
All works on site were managed using Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS). Murphy’s management
team reviewed, and made changes where required, to all SWMS before work commenced. This included
Murphy’s and subcontractor SWMS. As Murphy’s was principal contractor for the project, Murphy’s
developed the Site-Specific Management Plan (SSMP), covering the responsibilities required under a site
safety plan for the works.
Murphy’s own project specific induction included safety responsibilities and processes for all site
personnel including Murphy’s staff and subcontractors.



A project Environmental Management Plan was developed for the project scope of works by Murphy’s.
This took into account and assessment of the activities, environmental aspects and impacts of the works
and specified controls to implemented.
Hazardous materials were present on the project including non-friable asbestos roof sheeting on an
awning roof. Lead dust in the ceiling space beneath the main tiled roof was discovered during the works.
Management of general construction waste included the recycling of the concrete roof tiles. The asbestos
and lead waste was specially treated being wrapped in 200-micron thick plastic and sealed with duct tape.

These hazardous wastes were safely deposited at special environmental regulator approved facilities, with
documentary evidence kept as proof of compliance with environment protection laws.
The required environmental controls were conveyed to the project personnel through work method
statements and Murphy’s project-specific induction.

There was 7000 sqmetres of lead dust that was removed at night without any incidents.


Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;
– School was operational continue unimpeded though protective use of scaffolding and hoarding by
Murphy’s to protect the entrances to the building
– Work over and around entrances to the building was scheduled for out of hours times, when there
was no public use.

– Project works were scheduled around client requirements of public access and community group
activities within school .
– Continuous meetings throughout the project with the client to cooperatively monitor progress,
quality of workmanship and budget.
– The work was completed without safety and environmental incident.
– Hazardous Work carried out of hours night time week ends

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