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Fantastic Furniture

Client: PACLIB Industrial

Project: Fantastic Furniture customised national distribution warehouse

Murphy’s was engaged by PACLIB Industrial to complete this large scale, complex project which involved installing:

  • 75,000sqm Lysaght KlipLok roof sheeting
  • 30,000sqm custom wall cladding
  • a low line ridge ventilator
  • guttering (350mm x 600m) which required engineer designed brackets

Key points

  • The $3.5 million project involved a Syphonic gutter system that dispenses with external down pipes. Rather, the gutters take all the roof water and, once full, discharge it in one go.
  • At the time of construction, this was the largest Super Shed in the Southern Hemisphere. When there is dew, up to 100,000 litres of water runs off the roof.
  • The expansion joints were critical in the performance of this roof as the sheets were split over three sections, 97m in length, with movement of 200mm.
  • To ensure the safety of workers accesses the roof, Murphy’s instigated the installation of 1.5km of static line around the job to create a fall restraint system.
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