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Completed Project: Roof Replacement to Administration Building 

Industrial Roofing


The major project scope was the removal & replacement of a 1700m2 roof to a Government Administration Building. Also included in the scope of works was the replacement of 1000m2 of soffit & fascia, over 1000Lm of Flashings & Capping, replacement of stainless steel box guttering, replacement of stainless steel downpipes & the installation of a height safety system.

Initially the project scope of works included for the construction of a structural roof over the existing, as the project designers thought that the roof could not be replaced without the removal of the existing plant & equipment (A/C, telecommunications etc.) on the roof. To construct such a roof would be expensive & also impact on the depots operations for the entire time of the project works.

Murphy’s project management team identified these problems & an alternative tender was submitted. Murphy’s investigated the site & confirmed that it would be practical & achievable to replace the roof without the construction of a new structural steel roof structure.

The project works were carried out at the location where over 300 staff occupy the premises. For this reason Murphy’s were required to ensure that the facility operation was live at all times, including for areas such as the staff carpark, meal room etc.

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;
– Saved client approximately $ 500K with the development, design & submission of an alternative proposal
– Alternative proposal offered a better roofing system as the sheets were continuous & in accordance with Australian Standards
– No disturbance to any employees, hence no IR issues for Government Tenant
– Offered savings with additional works
– Completed project in accordance with the construction programme
– Constant weekly programme & information supplied to client
– Able to complete the works without any OHS and/or Environmental Issues
– Carried out removal & reinstatement processes to ensure the safety of all persons in the building was not at risk
– Implemented good & competent traffic management procedures to ensure crane works were carried out without any disturbance to the building and surrounding environment

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