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Project Case Study: Council Chambers Roof Replacement

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The project works included the removal & reinstatement of 4000m2 of metal roofing, new, flashings, new cappings, wall cladding works & a new roof plumbing system. The roof was divided into (2) large sections of 2000m2 each.

The first section was a gable shape roof with a bullnose curved finish at the end of the roof sheets. The second roof was extremely complicated, as it was an oval shaped roof which was divided into (13) bays, each of which stepped down to each other, and capped with special customised flashings & cappings. Murphy’s Group took care & time with this section of the roof & the final Quality was of very high standard.

The major risk for the project was a radio receiving tower which had high voltage & could not be shut down during normal working hours. Murphy’s Group managed this risk by scheduling the works in this area on weekends.

Getting materials onto & off the roof was also a challenge, as half of the Council Building is located next to a dam. Murphy’s overcame this issue with the use of a larger crane & adequate traffic management whilst the crane was in use.

Completion Due Date Original Contract Sum Variations Actual Completion End Contract Sum
September 2008 $ 280 K $20 K August 2008 $ 300 K


Description Reason Extension of Time Cost
Wall Cladding Works Initiated by Client Nil $20,000.00
                                                                                                            Variation Totals:             $20,000.00


Muswellbrook Council decided to replace the roof of there offices & Murphy’s Group were engaged to carry out & complete the project.

The location of the project poised challenges, as the distance is far from Murphy’s Group headquarters & major suppliers. James Smith (Murphy’s Group project manager) & Michael Diggens (Murphy’s Group site manager) sourced local suppliers for the required plant, equipment & some materials for the project. The experience & resourcing skills of Murphy’s Group management overcame the distance factor of the project & works commenced & progressed successfully.

Murphy’s Group experience on previous projects of this nature was displayed as the works were executed to programme without any issues in OH&S or Environment. .

CONTACT PERSON:            Council Officer – Gary Dean: 6549 3700

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