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Project No: 2010/113

The project scope of works involved structural upgrades, roof replacement and other miscellaneous works.

The project scope was undertaken and completed by Murphy’s Group Services and is made up of the following work descriptions and work trades:

  1. Pre-construction
  2. Site Establishment
  3. Brickwork repairs
  4. Structural steel column repairs
  5. Structural steel beam repairs and bracing
  6. Structural steel roof repairs
  7. Parapet strengthening
  8. Installation of wall stiffeners
  9. Roof glazing work
  10. Demolition and rebuilding of landing slab
  11. Replacing roof sheets, insulation, box gutters and timbers
  12. Other project works as required
  13. Site dis-establishment and project handover







The scope of works included brickwork repairs, Structural steel column repairs, structural steel beams and bracing, structural steel roof repairs, parapet repairs, installation of wall stiffeners, roof glazing works, demolition and rebuilding of roof slab, replacing roof sheets, insulation, box gutters and timbers.  As you can see the scope of works at Tempe was involved and required careful planning in the way Murphy’s went about carrying out the works.  This process was assisted in the fact that Murphy’s had Warren Neich as the site supervisor 100% of the time on the Tempe site.  With more than 20 years of experience Warrens guidance on site was critical to Murphy’s delivering a top class job.  The Project manager on the job was James Smith and with more than 6 years of Project management behind him, his organizational skills where paramount in delivering the job on time and on budget.

The major constraint on the project was the fact that the building was part of a large operational STA bus depot that was to remain operational throughout the works.  This meant that Murphy’s would be dealing with the changeover of bus schedules daily and would have to implement a Project Specific Management Plan (PSMP) with the works to be carried out to the Tempe Tram shed, so as not to hold up the bus depot and the works could be carried out in a safe manor & professional manor.  Also this PSMP was designed to address any Environmental & Safety issues on the project.   This PSMP was implemented by Murphy’s site manager on a daily basis & it has been successful, as there were no OHS, Environmental and/or quality issues on the project.

Murphy’s relationship with all contract personnel has been positively maintained & compliance with the National Code of Practice for the Construction industry complied with.

Where required during the project professional consultants (OHS consultants, engineers etc.) were engaged by Murphy’s for the assistance with some of the design works as required to be carried out.

The project was successfully completed with the appropriate programming of works, client relationship with the client and good development & implementation of controls.

Completion Due Date Contract Sum Variations Projected Completion Projected End Contract Sum after variations
February 2012 $ 2.7m $ 700 K February 2012 $ 3 m


Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;

  • Good heritage Management to refurbish the building
  • Management Systems to facilitate the depot staying operational
  • Safety systems to keep employees & workers safe on the Tempe Site
  • Steel strengthening to the building to support buildings structural integrity
  • Roof restoration work
  • Preparation & painting works to the Heritage Building
  • Roof plumbing works
  • Concreting works to the heritage building
  • Demolition work to nominated sections of the building
  • Wall stiffing to the entire heritage building  

CONTACT PERSON:            STA Operations Manager – Mike Katsin 0418 475 432



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