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Not all roofs can be covered with metal or tile materials. Membrane roofing materials are quite often the best solution available, particularly on low or no pitch roofs. Let us solve your roofing headaches by advising on the best solution for you.

We use a variety of membrane solutions including roll-on, spray-on, and torch-on applications. If you’re a large scale facilities manager or the secretary of the body corporate we have a membrane solution that ticks all the boxes.

Torch-On Membrane Replacement with Asbestos Removal Work

Project Requirements

The project scope of works was to remove the 1000m² of asbestos containing roof membrane and replace it with a new torch-on membrane system. The scope of works included the construction of fascia-fixed aluminium handrails, the application of a liquid membrane system, carpentry work, installation of flashings and cappings and other associated waterproofing works.

Special controls were implemented to ensure the residents were not affected from the works.


There were many stakeholders which we were required to liaise and communicate with for the duration of the works including for the customer, residents of the building, the school across the road and governemtn departments and agencies.

Project Control Group

Due to the sensitivity of the project we assigned a key project team made up of a Project Manager, Operations Manager, OHS&E Coordinator and Site Manager. Murphy’s assigned this key project team to ensure all works were completed to the highest of quality, without disruption or any risks to project stakeholders.

Project Specific Staged Programming

The building on which the project was completed is a 5 storey residential unit block structure. Appropriate controls were required to be implemented and maintained for the duration of works to ensure a safe work environment for both the workers and residents was maintained. The project works were carried out in stages. Initially, the aluminium handrail around the perimeter was assembled before the removal and replacement of the old roofing membrane began. The new handrail had to be fixed through the concrete fascia and required specialised installation. We created our own custom made tool to complete the installation of the bracket whilst ensuring no person or item/material fell from the roof.

We then commenced with the removal and replacement of the existing asbestos containing membrane. The roof membrane was removed & replaced progressively to ensure the building remained watertight at all times.

Controlled Removal of Asbestos and Compliant Disposal

As the existing membrane contained asbestos we implemented the required controls daily during removal such as air-monitoring, exclusion zones etc. to ensure legislative compliance and a safe environment was maintained.
A major risk during the project was parts of the existing membrane falling from the side of the building during removal. We implemented barriers and controls at all times and used the newly installed handrails to fixed plywood sheeting too ensuring the safe removal of the membrane.

Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing Plans

The project was a quality control project and as such we implemented Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s).

Unexpected discovery and Remediation of Failed Concrete Substrate

During the removal of the membrane it was found that the substrate was drummy and unsuitable in areas for the laying of the new torch on membrane. Murphy’s were quick to react and rectified the substrate as the works progressed to ensure the construction programme was affected to a minimum. All concrete and topping spalling was immediately rectified as required for the laying of the new membrane system.

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works

– Able to carry out required rectification works in house with minimum disruption to the construction programme with the correct allocation of Labour and material resources
– Good communication procedures with all stakeholders – residents, school across the road – ensured the project ran in a harmonious way for the duration
– Implementation of good Environmental and Safety controls ensured that no persons were harmed in any way for the duration of the works
– Work procedures were carried out to minimise the noise pollution generated
– Methods of work developed to ensure legislative compliance was maintained at all times, in particular for the safe removal and disposal of the Asbestos

Project Overview

The project was undertaken after many attempts to patch the roof had failed. The new membrane was to be a 3 layer torch-on membrane system from Parchem. Murphy’s have a solid relationship with Parchem and a comprehensive understanding of there products hence a high quality project was delivered.

As the laying of the new membrane was carried out, other minor project works were completed, such as the application of the liquid membrane, replacement of PVC pipes, jet blasting of the downpipes etc. These works were completed in conjunction with the major project works which reduced the time taken by the construction programme.

With Murphy’s key management personnel working together and maintaining on and off-site communication with the project manufacturers, the project was completed to a very high quality in accordance with relevant Australian Standards, the BCA and Manufacturers requirements.

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