Roof Repairs

Sometimes a full reroof is overkill, but a roof repair might end up looking patchy. There will be no such worries with Murphy’s on the job. If it’s a perfect match you want, we have access to over 3 million second hand tiles. We actually did a job once where the customer could not see where we had carried out the repairs they were such a good match. They were a little embarrassed when we had to take them around and identify the spots where we had done the work.

We were engaged to do a major repair to a 160 year old slate roof, where matching the roof was always going to be a challenge. We painstakingly moved all the original slate tiles to the front of the building to preserve the heritage nature of the building. We then applied new slate the rear elevation of the building. The end result was that the building looked good from every angle without any patchiness at all. Another success story for Murphy’s and the client.

Metal roof repairs are also a specialty of ours. Water penetration can often be difficult to trace, particularly when the effects of wind and rain are combined. Our team of industry experts can locate and repair the problem in the quickest time possible. You will be safe and watertight in next to no time.  We can even do repairs and replacements without affecting the occupants below.

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