Concrete heavy-duty performance coatings

Many factors play a part in concrete repair work, none more so than protective coatings. Protective coatings are important and characterised by their ability to prevent the movement of damaging substances such as chlorides, carbon dioxide, and similarly damaging liquid substances, or vapours.

Protective coatings are used to offer an added safeguard to the damaged area as well as the surrounding concrete, ensuring the damage does not spread beyond the repair work. It also enhances the appearance of the repaired concrete and surrounds.

Using protective coatings also provides the added bonus of offering protection to areas not yet affected by the damage. It not only offers additional protection to the concrete but also increases the durability of any existing low-quality concrete work. Heavy-duty performance coatings will also help new and existing concrete structures, particularly those exposed to severe and aggressive natural elements. At Murphy’s, we call this our preventative strategy: prevention is the key to long-lasting concrete.

After you contact us, our experienced team at Murphy’s will come and perform a site assessment to determine which method is appropriate for your particular problem.

Just some of the methods which we employ include:

• Using polymer modified cementitious material
• Using polyurethane resins, acrylic resins, or epoxy resins
• Using bituminous material, chlorinated rubber, silane, and silane/siloxanes


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