Concrete crack repairs

When it comes to concrete remediation, there is no one size fits all solution.

It is critical that each situation is assessed individually so that we may specify the correct approach to repair. What works for one problem may not necessarily work for another.

At Murphy’s, we are experts in assessing and fixing any concrete surface. Our staff are fully trained and experienced with all kinds of crack repair methods to meet the requirements of wet and dry conditions, as well as structural and non-structural needs.

Some of our special repair methods include:

• Below crack repair method
• Subsurface repair method – this tends to be used for deep cracking. Reasons for this type of damage can be attributed to a design fault, overloading, and corrosion-induced cracking.
• Polyurethane injection method – an excellent repair choice for areas requiring waterproofing, particularly where flexibility is critical, and the cracks are non-structural.
• Epoxy injection – used for structural repair in existing designs.
• Surface repairs – as the name implies this involves fixing fine cracks.
• Other repair methods, including ultrafine cementitious injections, pour-in epoxy grouts and cementitious epoxy trowel repairs

If you’re not sure what method is best for your job, give us a call to discuss your particular needs. What are you waiting for? That crack isn’t getting any smaller.



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