Concrete Waterproofing

It may surprise you to learn this, but concrete is a porous material. Being porous means it’s made up of tiny holes that make it susceptible to penetration from moisture, chemicals and other materials, which is why it requires waterproofing.

Here at Murphy’s, we are experienced in providing a great range of waterproofing solutions for new and existing concrete structures.

Using the latest cutting-edge techniques and equipment, we can provide waterproofing solutions for the following type of structures:

• Underground basements
• Wet areas, both internal and external
• Balconies
• Joining systems and sealants

Our concrete waterproofing capabilities include:

• Retaining walls
• Balconies
• Tanking
• Trafficable membranes
• Negative and positive hydrostatic pressure areas
• Underground basements
• Jointing systems and sealants
• Roof decks


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