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Deck & Steel Work and Internal Fit-Out at the Andrew Boy Charlton Pools, Domain Park, Sydney

 Facilities Services - Andrew Boy Charlton


The Andrew Boy Charlton Pool facility is located on the harbour in The Domain Park in Central Sydney. The building stands on piers on the edge of the park over Sydney Harbour. The primary purpose of the project was to undertake remedial works to the concrete topping and structural steel work of the pool building. The pool’s owner had identified extensive cracking to the concrete topping slabs around the pools and inside the changing rooms which necessitated replacement of the concrete in these effected areas. The steel work supporting the Andrew Boy Charlton building needed to be blasted and treated with anti-corrosion paint. Expansion joints needed to be installed in the new concrete topping and throughout the facility.

The outline of the scope of works included:
• Demolishing and removing the existing concrete slab
• Concreting new slabs in the required areas
• Providing safe access to the underside of the structural steel beams to be painted
• Preparation of the steel beams
• Treatment of the steel beams with new paint and anti-corrosion products
• Specified waterproofing work
• Installation of expansion joints
• Replacement of brackets, fixings and fixtures
• Implementation of effective safety and environmental controls throughout the works

Facilities Services - Pool Deck


This project was carried out in the public eye in a high profile and environmentally sensitive area. The Andrew Boy Charlton Pool Building is located in the Domain Park and is physically situated over Sydney Harbour on piles. It was essential that the work taking place did not disturb the fabric of the park or interfere with the public’s enjoyment of the park. The treatment of the steel structure of the pool required strict environmental controls to prevent pollution of Sydney Harbour’s sensitive marine environment.

The project involved working on the building of the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool but allowing continued use of the Yoga room and Café by the occupants during the project work.

All work was to be completed in the winter during the facility’s seasonal shut-down period.

Facilities Services - Andrew Boy Charlton


Access to the structural beams beneath the pool
The painting and treating of the steel beams beneath the pool required safe access. This was provided by constructing a specialist suspended scaffold under the entire area of the building. A complete working platform for access to the underside of the beams was created by licensed scaffolders. In order to build the scaffold it was necessary to weld brackets to the underside of the beams for the scaffold to be suspended from. Welding the brackets and assembling the scaffolding was carried out using barges in the harbour.

Encapsulation, Sponge Blasting and Painting of Structural Beams
To prepare the steel beams for painting they were stripped of old paint and any areas of corrosion using sponge blasting techniques. Sponge blasting was selected for this work as it more environmentally friendly than other methods. The sponge medium is able to be recycled during the blasting process, dust creation is minimised and airborne emissions are controlled. The steel beams being blasted and painted were encapsulated in plastic for the sponge blasting and spray painting work. International Paints Interzone 954 and 269 were sprayed on to the beams in the thicknesses required by the engineer and quality control. Access to the top part of the beams was made possible by removing, carefully storing and replacing the timber decking bordering the main pool.

Facilities Services - Andrew Charlton Pool

Concrete Soffits
Emer-stop crème was sprayed and brushed on to the concrete soffits to form a silane membrane after all concrete spalling and other repair works were complete.

Crane Lifting
Lifting work in the project was safely performed by 40, 55 and 80T cranes depending on the reach needed for the lift.

Concrete Topping
The remedial work to the concrete slab was a major part of the project. Murphy’s divided the slab into manageable sections for the pouring work. The complete concrete slab was removed and disposed of, the steel reinforcements repaired, replaced where required and treated with anti-corrosion Nitoprime Zincrich. The concrete was prepared and treated by Nitobond epoxy primer. Concrete topping protected with Emercreme. Expansion joints installed between concrete slabs

Amenities Room Waterproofing
All fixtures and furniture removed from the changing and amenities rooms of the pool were safely stored and then reinstated or replaced after the works. Waterproofing was carried out using Parchem products. Concrete floor removed and disposed of. Areas of concrete spalling cut out and steel treated or replaced.

Facilities Services - Andrew Charlton

The project was carried out in the sensitive environment of The Domain Park and on Sydney Harbour. Murphy’s project team developed Environmental Management Plan and implemented the controls. Sponge blasting was encapsulated to prevent polluting Sydney Harbour.

The project was fully quality controlled under Murphy’s ISO9001 Quality Management System and made use of inspection and test plans (ITPs) throughout. Hold points were used for key aspects of the work which required inspection by the project engineer before proceeding.

Examples of hold points included:-
• Steel beams preparation, paint thicknesses
• Concrete slab preparation, slump testing, reinforcing steel, waterproofing in concrete, concrete falls
• Preparation of the waterproofing in the amenities rooms
• Flood testing of waterproofing in the amenities room

Benefits offered to Client during Project Works;
• Project work completed in the winter close period to suit clients need
• Weekly project meetings with customer for excellent communication and progress updates
• Works carried out with minimal environmental disruption to Sydney Harbour and The Domain Park
• Security of pool maintained during the works

Building and Renovations 

Cope St, Redfern, Sydney.

Murphy’s Group offers building and renovation services. We have completed many projects including the renovation of a central city building for use as our headquarters in Cope St, Redfern, Sydney.

The project consisted of major demolition, structural steel works, brickwork, the construction of load bearing walls, new steel roof structure, security system, new roof cladding & roof plumbing system, new joinery, glazing, structural flooring works, new partition walls, painting, water and electrical services, fire upgrade, and premium quality finishing materials. The entire project was controlled in-house by Murphy’s Group Services.

Aside from our new base we have completed Heritage works on a Sydney park bandstand and 1920’s public administration buildings.

Murphy Office

Asbestos Removal, Building Works, Re-Roofing Mosman

Scope of Work

The scope included the removal and reinstatement of all identified Asbestos membranes, Wall & Ceiling Linings, Eave Linings, Toilet Partitions, Water Tanks, Pipes, Vinyl, Electrical Backing Boards and Vacuuming of Ceiling Spaces.
The project was challenging given the nature of the work, asbestos removal, dust control and OHS requirements by the client to achieve a safe, yet still occupied working naval base with quality outcomes.
All heritage reinstatement works were carried out in accordance with BCA and to the highest possible standards.
Roof Re placements

Project Summary

Description Reason Extension of Time
Electrical Rewire’s. Not to BCA Nil
Contaminated Insulation.
PCB Removal.
Contaminated roof space waste.
Asbestos Membrane to 3 garage roofs & 5 verandas discovered by our supervisor.
Additional asbestos ceilings discovered by our supervisor.
Asbestos pipes in roof space discovered by our supervisor.
Contaminated soil discovered by our supervisor.
Asbestos cisterns discovered by our supervisor.
Asbestos eaves discovered by our supervisor.
Emergency repair to asbestos damaged ceiling, toilets and walls.

The reason for this project was to remove all identified asbestos and achieve an asbestos free base to minimize the risks for naval personnel. We were able to assist defence in identifying a number of additional asbestos containing materials through our site supervisors experience with in the industry.

On a number of occasions, because we have an AS1 licence we were able to respond to emergency situations with in the base were asbestos containing materials had been damaged and we were able to exclude, make safe the area and rectify.
We saved defence money by sourcing the most cost effective materials for the desired job such as a spray on waterproof membrane as oppose to a torch on membrane, reducing the installation time, costs and minimising the disruption to base personnel.

Our experience and expertise in the roofing industry showed when we identified a number of deteriorated roofs and saved defence money by offering a value for moeny why on site. By identifying and rectifying the defective roof early it eliminated the risk of water ingress, causing more damage and costing more time and money.

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