Carrigeworks Eveleigh. Re-Roof, Roof Plumbing and Building Works

Scope of Work

The scope included the restoration of iron heritage guttering, installation of a new siphonic plumbing system, construction of a new roof structure over the existing roof, installation of new metal roof sheeting, new box guttering & all new flashings & cappings.

The Carriageworks is known and listed as a Heritage site; hence project procedures were required to be executed with according sensitivity. Murphy’s Group initiated special controls were put in place to ensure all heritage items were not disturbed during the course of works. This was achieved through the creation of a Project Specific Management Plan (PSMP), which was implemented and followed for the duration of the project.

Project Summary 

The reason for the project was to install a new roofing and siphonic drainage system to The Carriageworks. The Carriageworks operations remained live for the duration of the project; hence additional risks were required to be managed. Murphy’s Group managed these risks with continual communication with all relevant persons on site for a clear understanding of the Carriageworks up coming events & operations.

During the course of the project the heritage architect requested additional works beyond the original scope and specification. Murphy’s was able to complete the additional works with cost savings to the client and without disturbance to the construction programme.

For the project to be successfully completed there were many critical tasks which were required to be performed. Some of these tasks were:

– Operation of an 80 tonne crane
– T.V productions in progress adjacent to the site
– Co-ordination of deliveries in public areas & access ways
– Working around a 50,000 volt transformer
– Working in close proximity to the edge of the building

Murphy’s Group performed out these tasks through measures such as adequate personnel and resources, traffic management, training of personnel, strong communication and precise works and timing co-ordination. All of these measures were listed and followed in the

Project Specific Management Plan. 

With Murphy’s Group key management personnel ensuring all personnel on site worked as in accordance with the Project Specific Management Plan the project operated effectively, efficiently and safe.

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