Re Roofing & Building Works at Thirlmere Railway Museum

Scope of Work

The project scope included rust treatment and steel painting works, the removal and reinstatement of fibreglass roof sheeting, in ground storm water works, new industrial fall arrest height safety system and the installation of new guttering and downpipes.

The site location and the operations of the site caused many risks for the project. The major risks were:

– Working next to a rail corridor
– The project was in a live operational museum
– Working at heights
– Co-ordination with another contractor carrying out an asbestos removal project

Murphy’s Group managed the project and these risks with the implementation of a strict Site Specific Management Plan (SSMP). Adequate personnel and resources were allocated for the entire time of the project. This ensured there was sufficient supervision of all tradesmen working and the appropriate safety barriers were set in place, to inform and separate members of the public from the project works.

Murphy’s communicated and cooperated on a daily basis with all relevant persons from the train controlling authorities. This was so all parties involved in the project were informed of the progression of works and the daily site operations. All works were programmed and scheduled by Murphy’s Group so that the Museum operations were not disturbed at all. The asbestos removal project taking place at the same time forcing Murphy’s Group key personnel to implement OHS strategies to ensure no items fell through the roof or the asbestos bubble was not damaged at all. Such strategies included barriers, exclusion zones, signs etc.

Project Summary

The reason Murphy’s Group were engaged for the project was to restore selected parts of the Live Rolling Stock Hall Heritage Museum. Due to the fact that the project buildings were Heritage listed, works had to be completed with the highest standard of workmanship and quality. This was achieved through the use of Inspection Test Plans carried out by Murphy’s Group key personnel.

Some methods of works Murphy’s Group implemented were:

– Only roof sheeting which could be reinstated in the same working day was removed
– No painting works were to commence on rainy or overcast days
– All guttering & downpipes installation was carried out from the basket of an Elevated Works Platform

By Murphy’s Group implementing a site specific work methods and a site specific management plan the project was completed successfully without any incidents or defects on completion.

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