Stafford St. Paddington

Completed Project: Structural Upgrade & Refurbishment of Residential Terrace – Stafford St. Paddington

Stafford St.Paddington


The project scope of works included demolition, structural upgrade of the building, construction of a load bearing sandstone wall, underground services works, detailed & bulk excavation, new concrete reinforced footing systems, new wall & floor framing, hydraulic works, electrical works, mechanical works, installation of new timber staircase, brickwork, plastering, painting, landscaping, external heritage timber works, roof framing & slating works, new kitchen & bathrooms, glazing & the installation of special prime cost items to achieve a high quality finished project.

The project was challenging as it was located in a high traffic residential area – Paddington. This caused many risks & hazards which were required to be managed by Murphy’s Group.
The major risks that had to be managed for the project which had to be managed were;

o Overhead power lines:
o Construction of the load bearing sandstone wall:
o Operation of machinery in a high traffic area:
o Temporarily supporting the structure:
o Installation of structural steel:

Benefits to Client during Project Works;

– Delivery of project on time through effective coordination of multiple trades on site & multitasking of project operations
– Sourced required high prestige materials & specialised tradesman to install them
– High quality finished project without any defects on the project on completion, achieved through constant on site supervision & good selection of trades
– Able to carry out all requested heritage works from client
– No variations on completion of job, as all works in original scope were identified & managed accordingly
– Safely completed all external works without any issue to the surrounding environment or neighbouring properties

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