Concrete Cancer Repairs

Concrete cancer is most often the result of neglect, but it could also have its origins in poor construction standards when your building was first erected. If the concrete reinforcing bar is not adequately encased it will be susceptible to rust. Rusting bar will expand and cause the surrounding concrete to crack and fall away. This leaves the bar even more exposed and the destructive cycle continues. By using our effective remedial methods we have successfully saved many buildings from premature demolition. Just like any form of cancer, early detection is important. We are specialists in this field and we will work with you to arrive at a successful outcome. Our unique 5 step process includes:-

  • Removal of all “drummy” concrete sections
  • Grinding back all exposed reinforcing steel to remove all signs of rust
  • Treatment of Steel with anti-corrosives, and
  • Reinstating render to restore the original integrity of the building
  • Applying decorative finishes to create the most appealing streescape.


PHOTOS: Block of Units Before and After Shots

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