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With experience in establishing safe systems to prevent falls in NSW, Murphys Height Safety Solutions have the ability to identify key preventative measures to avoid occupational falls.

Hammerhead Crane Height Safety

Hammerhead Crane Height Safety

OHS Legislative Responsibilities
Under current WHS Legislation (WHS Act 2011) any person who has control of a premises used by people as a place of work must ensure that the premises are safe without risks to health.

This extends to the means of access to or egress from a place of work, such as a roof. This legislative responsibility includes any person who has even limited control of the premises or an obligation to maintain or repair the premises.


Qualified Professionals
Our skilled professionals are fully trained with Nationally Recognised Training and have the ability to analyse specific risks associated with working at heights.

Our team at Murphys Height Safety Solutions are competent in installing, maintaining and accrediting anchor points, fall arrest devices, rescue equipment, horizontal lifelines and rail systems.

Installation of Fall Arrest Devices and Restraint Systems

Height Safety Harness

Murphy's Group Services Height Safety

It is important that an investigation is conducted prior to purchasing any equipment and/or systems. Murphys Height Safety Solutions is catered to enable system specifications are customised to your specific needs.

Initial considerations should include:
• Ladder work
• Confined space
• Roofing
• Maintenance
• Scaffolding
• Platform work

Design and Engineering Team
Our design and engineering team carry out thorough Risk Assessments to identify hazards and determine their severity, this allows the absolute minimisation of risks.

When selecting a height safety system or equipment, care must be taken to ensure that the equipment and system allows the user to maintain freedom of movement, comfort and safety.

Rescue Provisions
Analysis of each work environment must include consideration of the provision for rescue, as outlined in the NSW WHS Act 2011 an employer must ensure adequate provision is made for the rescue of a person whose fall is arrested by a fall arrest device.

Purchasing Products and Equipment
When selecting particular products and equipment Murphys Height Safety Solutions has the expertise and experience to recommend solutions.

All products recommended and sold by Murphys Height Safety Solutions have been metallurgically tested to comply with the Australian Standard AS 1891.4.

Murphys Height Safety Solutions Design and Engineering Team were able to develop and install the Personal Harnessing System and Rail System that safely allows a continuous breathtaking 360 degree view never before seen of Sydney’s skyline.

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