Port Botany Roofing and Height Safety

Scope of Works

The major project works scope included the removal and reinstatement approximately 1,000m² of metal roofing & installation of an industrial fall arrest height safety system. The scope of works also included for minor mechanical works (Air-conditioning) new metal flashings & capping, installation of polycarbonate roof sheeting and other minor repairs to the roof.

The most critical task for the project was a crane lift with the use of an 80 tonne crane. This was challenging due to the fact the location (Mascot) is next to the Airport & the site are is a live occupied business centre. Murphy’s managed these OH&S risks through controls such as traffic management, notification to all relevant authorities & adequate personnel on site at all times. This was all detailed in Murphy’s Group Site Specific Management Plan.

Project Summary

The existing roof was leaking and required repairs works in various location across it. Murphy’s expertise and experience in this field meant that they were able to assist the building consultants in conducting the report in the condition of the roof.

The roof also did not comply with Australian Standards, as it did not have an industrial fall arrest height safety system installed. Due to the amount of plant & equipment on the roof (air conditioning units etc.) this was required.

The height industrial fall arrest height safety in which Murphy’s installed was compromised of walkways, safety access ladders, safety access hatches & surface mounted anchor points. The system was installed by Murphy’s qualified height safety technicians.

Murphy’s Group key personnel & diversity of services meant we were able to successfully complete all required works on the project on expected completion date.

Constant communication was maintained with all relevant parties involved on site & with the project to ensure everyone was informed of the daily operations of the works.

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