Radio Astronomy Receiver Hut Heritage Restoration

In 1948 the Sydney Water Board granted permission for the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics to operate a radio astronomy field station on vacant land surrounding the Potts Hill No.1 reservoir. This was one of a number of field stations operating in Sydney at the time and Potts Hill became a major site for research during the 1950s. It was from Potts Hill the first detection of the nucleus of our Galaxy was made.

Astronomy Hut 19-Mar-1954

Astronomy hut before

The facility was de-assembled in the early 1960s and relocated to Parkes. One building did remain at Potts Hill but over time it’s history was forgotten. It was a small hut with an unusual architecture having a double skin, similar to a fly on a tent, a roof over a roof, a room within a room, designed to keep the radio astronomy equipment cool and at a stable temperature.Receiver Hut

The small building, named the Receiver Hut, was badly vandalised in 2013. It was restored in accordance with the Burra Charter conservation guidelines, to do as much as necessary but as little as possible, ensuring as much original fabric was retained as possible which ensured the character of the hut was also retained.Awarding

The project won the 2015 National Trust of Australia(NSW) Heritage Awards for ‘Conservation Built Heritage’, in the Government / Corporation category.

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