4 areas to improve and reduce condensation in your property

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Condensation is one of the common causes of damp that can promote timber decay, cause streaming windows, deteriorate the masonry and plaster, and create unhealthy living conditions. Here are four target areas for remedial building in Sydney aimed at reducing condensation in your property.

1. Washing and drying

Did you know that your washing machine emits approximately 2 litres of water to the air with every load of washing? Make sure that your property is vented well when using a tumble dryer or washing machine. Hang your clothes outside to dry. If the weather outside is unfavourable, you can hang them in the bathroom. However, ensure that the bathroom door is always shut and the windows are wide open until they dry.

2. Plants and pets

Plants should be taken outside the moment dump patches start to appear on a nearby wall. Fish tanks and aquariums should be covered since they produce excessive moisture.

3. Kitchen

Keep the kitchen door shut when cooking, to prevent moisture from going into other rooms and condensing on colder surfaces. When cooking, cover your cooking pots with a lid to reduce the amount of moisture being emitted. Sydney remedial builders can install an extractor fan for your kitchen or an extractor hood above the cooker. Remember not to switch off the extractor fan immediately you finish cooking. Give it approximately 15 more minutes to absorb all the humidity. You can opt for extractors with humidity intelligence sensors, which speeds up while cooking and slows down when humidity levels have normalised.

4. Bathroom

Don’t leave the bathroom door open when taking a bath so that the moisture doesn’t escape. Also turn on the extractor fan to absorb the steam produced while taking hot showers in a cold environment. Thus, the bathroom walls and windows will not be affected by condensation. If your bathroom doesn’t have an extractor fan, you can wipe off all possible cold surfaces to prevent the moisture from forming moulds.

Poor ventilation results in condensation in buildings. Murphy’s Remedial Builders are experts in home construction in Sydney. We can visit and assess your property to see if it has sufficient ventilation and recreate it if need be. Call us today for home construction Sydney residents can rely on.

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