A new roof vs. re-roofing in Sydney: which is right for me?

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Signs your roof needs repairs

Before addressing the question of whether your roof needs total replacement or not, you must first identify the extent of any problems with your roof. Try to look out for any of the following signs…

• Leaks or water spots in your interior ceiling
• Sagging in your ceiling
• Rot or mould on the exterior or interior of the building
• Tiles that are missing or broken
• An unattached or broken gutter

If you spot any of the above signs, it can be an indicator that your roof needs urgent attention.

When is re-roofing appropriate

Re-roofing involves placing an additional set of tiles or shingles over an already existing roof. This is more cost-efficient than installing a completely new roof, as it eliminates the time and cost of removing an existing roof. Re-roofing is an appropriate choice when a building’s roof is structurally sound but has some slight wear and tear such as cracked tiles. A small leak can be fixed by re-roofing, providing there is no serious water damage to your property. It is also a valid option for old roofs that are still functioning but could benefit from an upgrade for aesthetic appeal.

When is a new roof appropriate?

If there is already two layers of shingles on a roof, then it cannot be re-roofed again and a replacement roof is necessary. If the damage of a roof is extensive, such as multiple missing tiles, moss growth on the roof and holes in the roof letting light in, a new roof is the best and safest option. This is equally true for residential and commercial properties. For commercial properties, a new roof may be the only way to secure merchandise from water damage and ensure your building is secured against potential break ins. Having a new roof Sydney homeowners know to be safe is equally as important, and residential buildings usually require a new roof every 20 years.

Murphy’s Group Services

If you are still unsure whether you need re-roofing or a new roof entirely, do not hesitate to contact us. We have been experts in the building and construction industry since 1989 and can offer advice and solutions on roofs or re-roofing Sydney residents and businesses can rely on.

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