Everything you need to know about slate re-roofing

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Due to its long-lasting and durable nature, slate roofing is a popular choice for both commercial and domestic buildings. The dense material of slate helps keep building interiors at a constant temperature, keeping buildings warm or cold depending on the occupants’ preference. Despite slate’s sturdy nature, there may come a time when a slate roof needs repairs or re-roofing. Below we outline some of the signs that indicate your slate roof needs roof repairs.

1. Missing slate tiles

If you are noticing slate tiles falling or missing from your roof, it is a strong indication that your roof needs repairs. Try to collect the fallen tiles and check the quality of the slate, if the slate feels strong it is likely that the metal fasteners, not the slate, is causing the problem. Alternatively, if the slate feels fragile and crumbles, a new roof may be the only solution.

2. Check for damp

If you can’t visually see any missing tiles, check your attic for damp or water damage. Old, brittle slate tiles have been known to absorb water which then leaks into your home. If you are noticing collected water or rot in your attic, it may be time to replace your slate roof.

3. Hollow tiles

Providing you can safely access your roof, one simple way to check the quality of your slate tiles is to tap them. Lightly tap your roof with a tool or your knuckles, if you hear a dull thud it is likely your tiles will need to be replaced. Slate tiles in good condition when tapped should make a solid, clear noise.

Although slate tiles have a reputation for being long-lasting, they will inevitably deteriorate in quality as they age. If you own a commercial or residential building with a slate roof and are unsure how old the roof is, contact a reliable remedial building company who will be able to determine the age and quality of the roof for you. A reliable builder will be able to repair, or replace a slate roof if necessary, without compromising the appearance of your building. Murphys Remedial Builders have completed many successful slate re-roofing projects and would love to answer any questions you may have about slate roofing.

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