How to spot problems with concrete

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Concrete can wear naturally over time, however, some issues and imperfections with concrete may be an indication of a larger scale problem. Look out for some of the signs below to ensure your concrete is both safe and effective:

1. Cracks

Cracks on concrete are usually a sign that there is a greater problem beneath the concrete surface. If the concrete is in an outdoor location, the cracks may be an indication that the soil underneath is expanding, usually due to weather and environmental factors.

2. Uneven

If your concrete is beginning to rise and fall in certain spots, or is just generally becoming uneven, it is not only a potential risk hazard but often the beginning of the concrete deteriorating. Uneven concrete arising on a wall or flooring is due to the concrete being set on a bad foundation. The concrete will continue to grow uneven and then begin to crumble away entirely.

3. Water collecting

Large pools of water collecting on your concrete can be a sign of two things. Firstly, it may be a sign that your property does not have an efficient drainage system. Secondly, it may mean your concrete needs a new waterproof coating as the first one is not sufficient or has worn off. These issues must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent large-scale water damage to your property.

4. Looks shabby and rusty

Concrete can age and deteriorate over time, this process may be accelerated due to natural and man-made factors. Resurfacing concrete can be a fast way to quickly improve the appearance of concrete, however, if your concrete is beginning to rust or chip prematurely, it could be a sign of a greater issue: concrete cancer.

What is concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer, also referred to as concrete spalling, is the effect of water penetrating a concrete reinforcing bar. It affects both the aesthetic appearance and structural integrity of a building. If ignored, concrete cancer will eventually cause a building to crumble and fall. For more information on concrete cancer and how it can be solved, read a success story from Murphys Remedial Builders about concrete spalling here.

What to do if you’ve spotted any problems

If you own or manage a property and have noticed any of the above signs, it’s best to contact the experts. Murphys Remedial Builders can provide concrete repairs Sydney based and our experienced team can advise the best plan of action for your concrete. Don’t ignore the signs and risk your concrete crumbling or your building collapsing, contact Murphys Remedial Builders today for concrete resurfacing Sydney residents and businesses can rely on.

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